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Journeyman III

17.12.2 drivers Break Call of Duty ww2 multiplayer

I have tested this out, the newest 17.12.2 drivers break the ablility to play multiplayer in cod ww2 on pc. I have tested this.With 17.12.2 drivers, when i try and connect to an mp game it gives me a "connection lost/host timed out" error. downgrading drivers fixes my issue with cod, but it breaks several of my most played games in the process.

How do i get a hold of amd so they know this is an issue? I have talked with activision support and they tell me to contact AMD, but there is no live support.

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thank you. reported the issue using the form you gave me.

Made the report on the 6th. Will i get an email if they find something? I heard the adrenalin drivers killed some of the direct x 9 games. could that be why 17.12.x drivers are causing issues with cod ww2? I have my game on some of the lower settings, so it makes me wonder if it defaulted to dx9.


No you will not get a reply. The report form is only for reporting. I will say though, that I have no issues at all with COD WW2 with the adrenaline drivers. There is a issues with DX9 games and a hot fix driver was issued 18.1.1 > AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.1.1 Alpha Driver download

This driver should only be installed if you are having the issues (DX9) described in the 'read me' notes.


it could be something with the new drivers and my apu and gpu combination. running an a10-5800k apu and a diamond R9 280x .

I have tested this, it is definatly a driver issue on my end somehow. if i roll back my drivers to 17.11.4 cod magicially works, but if i use the latest 17.12.1 - 17.12.2 drivers I instantly get the connection lost/host timed out error when trying to play mp.

i have rolled back and upgraded drivers several times to confirm this is an issue with the drivers for me. I really like amd, but the issues i have been having with drivers lately have been very frustrating.

i would rollback my drivers so i could play cod if it were that easy, but overwatch crashes like mad with the 17.11.4 drivers. so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place untill amd rolls out drivers that don't break mp for me.


I assume this is not a laptop?

Have you set the R9 280x as the 'primary' graphics in the bios? This will disable the integrated AMD graphics.


yes this is a desktop machine, and yes i have my card the R9 280x set as primary in the bios. I also have the latest windows 10 updates, and my bios is updated.


Did not think it would but the 18.x.x drivers Don't fix my issue. I can just hope they saw my issue when i used the report form, and roll out a fix with the next drivers. It's sad when an issue like this happens to a low amount of people, sometimes companies don't care enough to fix issues unless it hurts profit :/ I hope amd is not like that.

its also sad when I spent $60 on a game and can't even play it without rolling back to unstable drivers.