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Adept I

165&175hz monitors- One stuck at 60hz only while both connected

I just bought a new monitor (1440p 170hz). It works fine when it's plugged in by itself but when I have my other monitor plugged in (1440p 165hz) it locks it at 60hz in windows display settings and in amd radeon software. The other monitor doesnt get locked out however and i can change the refresh rate to whatever I want. I want both of them set to 120hz. My GPU is RX580. I really only play Halo 3 on pc which isnt the most intensive game so im wondering if theres an issue with my GPU being old or just an issue with my GPU in general. Im using the display cables that came with both monitors. Ive tried different ports, different cables,hdmi instead, etc. My drivers for radeon are up to date. For example when i have both monitors plugged in radeon software says reported refresh rate is 60hz but the moment I disconnect the other monitor it changes to whatever refresh rate I selected before connecting the second monitor.


Any one have any ideas ??

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