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Adept II

144Hz vs 240hz

No issues, I’m just curious how big the difference is between 144hz and 240hz. Like how noticeable is it? Will I be able to tell the difference? 

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Volunteer Moderator

144Hz to 240Hz is not nearly as noticeable as going from 60Hz to 144Hz


Adept III

Diminishing returns as you go higher and higher.

144fps/hz is 6.9ms per frame. 240fps/hz is 4.2ms per frame.
Assuming you can actually output 240fps consistently, you'd be getting a 2.7ms reduction over 144.

For comparison...
60fps/hz is 16.7ms per frame. 75fps/hz is 13.3ms per frame. Which is a 3.4ms difference between the two.

Only a 15fps difference between 60 and 75...yet more of a frame time reduction than going from 144 to 240.  You get the idea?
You'd literally notice the difference between 60-75 MORE than 144-240, despite the latter technically having almost 100 extra refreshes per second over 144. And theres the matter of your PC being able to output that many frames, and the increased heat/power/noise from doing so.

You can draw your own conclusions from this, obviously. But i'd save the money and get a much nicer 120hz/144hz monitor instead. Or if you already OWN a 144hz something else.