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Journeyman III

144hz screen flickering / glitching

I already sent a support ticket but I'd like a fast answer so I'll post it here too. This is what I sent to support: 

Hello, I am having problems with my Sapphire R9 280 graphics card. I am positive that it's a problem with the drivers. I got a 144hz monitor for the first time, and after plugging it in with DVI DUAL LINK, It worked fine. When I go to change the display from 60hz to 144hz it makes the screen flicker / flash like crazy. Only thing that seemed to work is reinstalling drivers but after I restarted my pc it didn't work again. So only time I can get it working is by having the drivers uninstalled. I replaced the cable also thinking it could be it but no results. Video here :

The monitor in question is Benq XL2411, but I am 100% the monitor is fine. As I said on the support message I got a new cable and still doesn't work.

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