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Re: Why buy amd?

RE: I am fairly sure my previous GTX 1080 was rendering much higher fps better than my new RX 6800.
It might just be a problem with those new RDNA2 GPUs on that old Wolfenstein the New Order OpenGL title from 2013. 

RE:  Let me double check that it isnt related to something else (I literarily replaced the gpu on the same system and the fps dropped).


I am running on Adrenalin 2020 20.3.1 WHQL driver on the RX5700XT and the RX Vega 64 Liquid. 

The Nvidia Palit RTX 2080 Gaming Pro OC is using the following software: 
GeForce Experience 3.21
Drivers installed Gaming Drivers version 461.92.

I clean installed the drivers following DDU clean to make sure everything was fine for the Nvidia and AMD card driver software before testing. 

Maybe rerun game file verification or reinstall the game? 
Note I ran at 4k Ultra to test the GPU OpenGL performance. 
I have not looked at 1080p performance at all.

RE: New non opegl titles run great on my RX 6800 FYI.
That is good news. 

I was just testing and comparing Watch Dogs: Legions during the free weekend on RX5700XT, RX Vega64 Liquid and the RTX2080 OC on the same system. 
The RTX2080OC performance pretty much identical to the RX5700XT at 1080p very high settings, motion blur off.  RayTracing off.

The RX5700XT does not support RayTracing though.
Your RX6800XT might run great on that title and it might be interesting to see if it can handle running RayTracing. 

RE: Have you then tried an old console emulator then such as Dolphin on open gl setting (not vulcan)? The performance on of my new amd gpu far lags the performance of my old Nvidia gpu as well

No. I have not run a console emulator for a while.