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Journeyman III

Wattman overclocking issues

currently its not very good compared to others but it has features others dont.
i want an option to instantly open the window for oc with a rightclick not jump through menus and wait 10 seconds for the app to start.
i want an option to set a percentage number on fanspeed like msi afterburner.
i want a fan to temp setting like msi.
i want a save option to toggle between two setups. having to reset all variables after a crash is annoying.

before someone says just use msi they dont have memory voltage control. their undervolting control is bad.

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Re: Wattman overclocking issues

I agree WattMan is "missing" an automatic link between Fan and Temperature control -however- you can finetune it even more PER application. When you set your temps, you can also set your min and target RPM's so in essence it's fully user controlled as opposed to a guessed percentage if that makes sense.


So, set both your targets on Fan and Temperature and play around with your acoustic settings if it gets too loud. Don't mind my readings, I don't have fans on my GPUs. AMD tools have always been (to me) about full user control which doesn't necessarily mean "slide-and-play".