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Journeyman III

Tuf gaming x570 pro wifi is unable to con next to the internet

So recently I’ve just built my first gaming pc. Everything went smoothly and it booted first time. Since boot and instillation of windows, my pc hasn’t been able to connect to the WiFi via wireless connection or by wired Ethernet connection. When using the windows 10 troubleshoot it tells me that I am missing wifi network drivers, or that they may need to be installed. I’ve tried many different solution videos on YouTube with no success. I’ve also seen many people saying that I need to download drivers onto a usb stick. However when looking on the ASU’s website at my specific motherboard the only WiFi drivers available are intel and my build is AMD. Please help, I have exams coming up and my only source of revision is this desktop pc. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Download and install the Intel drivers.. 

That board uses Intel Lan and Wifi..

Get your drivers here: TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WI-FI)|Motherboards|ASUS United Kingdom

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how do I do this. Am I able to download the drivers onto a usb and then Insert that into my new build? As my new build won’t connect to the internet even with an Ethernet cable plugged in. And yes the Ethernet cable work as I’ve tested it on my laptop. 


Have you tried to install Windows own native Intel LAN drivers for your Motherboard by using Device Manager?

Open Windows Device Manager and should be either a error or Yellow Exclamation mark where you LAN should be located.

Here is a visual way of doing from my own Asus TUF Gaming X570 Pro (WiFi) Motherboard Device Manager:

Screenshot 2022-04-04 185052.pngScreenshot 2022-04-05 080758.pngScreenshot 2022-04-05 080837.png

That should install the Intel LAN driver you need to connect to the internet. Once you connect go to Asus Support and download all the Drivers that are newer than the ones you have from here:

NOTE: By the way, just because your Motherboard is a AMD Motherboard doesn't mean that all drivers used by the Motherboard are made by AMD.  Most are made from other manufacturers rather than AMD. Only the CHIPSET and APU drivers are AMD.


Yea I’ve tried but on the device manager there is no intel labled part. Only the WAN ports.  


Won’t let me attach a photo from my phone, but for example the only ones shown on the device manager are the WAN mini ports. There is no other deceives there. Even when I show hidden icons there is no other device. Is this because I don’t have the drivers or is this a separate issue? 


It is possible you have a defective Asus Motherboard.

I would start a Asus Support Chat and ask them if you need to RMA your motherboard or not.

Didn't you receive a DVD Driver Installation disc with your motherboard?

You can use that to install the drivers for your Asus Motherboard including the LAN driver.

My TUF Gaming X570 Pro included a DVD Disc to install the Motherboard's drivers.

Yes if there are no drivers for a hardware, Windows won't recognize it unless Windows installs it own Native driver which is the case most of the time.

But if you have a  hardware with no drivers installed, In Device Manager it should show either an error or Yellow Exclamation mark or a Unknown Hardware entry opened to let you know a unknown Hardware needs a driver to be installed.

Which is why I am beginning to believe you have a defective Motherboard.

EDIT: Try using Intel's Driver and Support Asst to update and install both your Bluetooth and Wireless Intel Drivers. I use this all the time to update the Motherboard's Bluetooth and Wifi drivers.

That should install the Wifi drivers for your motherboard. But if it doesn't recognize you have Wifi then you need to open a Asus  Warranty ticket.