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Adept II

Top mount radiator clearance, what info should we look?

I've been using Corsair H80i V2 for a while now and quite happy. However since changing to Zotac RTX 2080 from 1080 TI FE, the AIO is sucking all that hot air from the GPU. I wanted to use 240 mm AIO and put it on the top, apparently I can't do that due to my Corsair Vengeance RGB with its 44 mm height intruding the space for the rad+fan.

For future reference, what measurements should I get when I want to put a 240 mm or longer rad + fan on the top of the case without any issue with memory height?

I'm currently using Fractal Design Define Mini C. On the case website, it said it supports 240 mm AIO on top, obviously not taking into account tall memory module. The Mini C is a micro-ATX case, however the Define C, the ATX model is only taller just because of the additional PCI-E slots. It has the same top of the case clearance as the Mini C. So I don't know which measurement should I take if I want to use a top mounted radiator.

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Re: Top mount radiator clearance, what info should we look?

good question.  a lot of companies won't actually give clearance distances for a top mounted rad.

your options here go from case to case, but there are modding groups and case owner fan clubs, for instance you can find a club for almost any major enthusiast case at

for instance my Corsair 750D case has approximately 80mm from the top of the motherboard to the ceiling of the case, enough for a 45mm rad with one layer of fans.

for my Corsair 380T case, i actually had to cut the clip tab off the CPU 8-pin connector just to fit in a Corsair H100i V2 using the Asus Strix Z370-I motherboard.

my advice is check out on the main modding sites.

Adept II

Re: Top mount radiator clearance, what info should we look?

Thanks, I probably foresee this answer coming, just probably wanted other to confirm it. It's just that the information is very cluttered about which forum to visit. I managed to found Fractal Design forum, the engagement is a bit low, but I guess it's better than nothing. I hope Fractal Design commission a forum like Corsair.