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To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

I created an article entitled Why AMD still has an uphill battle which was my public comment to a video exemplifying how unaware a wider audience is to AMD and the quality of its CPUs vis-à-vis Intel.

I got a public reply to my comment from the creator of the video I commented upon and as a reply to my original post I quoted that person and also quoted my public reply to him.

There is absolutely NOTHING contentious about this second post and yet, since the 31st of July the post has been marked as "Currently being moderated".

It has now been 12 days and it is still being "moderated".

If someone is going to take the time to flag something for moderation then they should, in a timely manner, actually get around to doing the job, and if they are not willing to do the job then they should step down.

Considering however that there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which could in any way, shape or form be considered to be controversial I would be very interested to know what made the person who flagged the post consider it to be worthy of being slapped with this flagging in the first place.

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Re: To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

This section of the AMD forum is not heavily moderated usually, due to its low traffic.
But lately due to some spam, someone smart maybe set the moderation rules a bit higher to avoid spam.
If you got a post under moderation, usually it mean that you used some words, that required now moderation approval.

In my case, it was due because using the word ReppirDaerht, that triggered the moderation approval.

To be honest, i'm pretty sure that your post have nothing regrettable into.

It is mostly due to the low traffic in this section of the forum, which translate in few people assigned to the moderation.

I'm pretty happy tho that the moderation was pushed a bit, the forum is back into being at least decent and usable.

Adept III

Re: To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

Too long. On the other hand, moderation has been almost realtime over on the support forum. Perhaps AMD should pool the moderator effort?


Re: To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

It has probably been outsourced to the same people whose only troubleshooting advice seems to consist almost entirely of "Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?".

I'm 61 years old, it would be nice if it were done before I shed this mortal coil.

Journeyman III

Re: To Red Team - how long does moderating take?

they take forever, with all the non needed ban's because they cant create something until I make it first...