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Journeyman III

Support for Windows Server and Windows 10/11 with ROCm

Are there any plans for support for Windows Server and Windows 10/11 with ROCm? Nvidia CUDA does support these items and it would be great if there was support for these platforms. Windows 10/11 has the largest share of the desktop platform and is still growing 82% worldwide, and Windows Server has the largest share of On-Prem server usage which sits around 70% worldwide. 

2 Replies

Thank you so much for reaching out, and sorry for the delayed response. 

Currently, support for the AMD Instinct card on Microsoft Windows is not on the roadmap.

Please continue to refer to ROCm documentation at for release and product-specific updates.


Instinct GPUs have "DirectX® 12.0 (feature level 12_0)" in their specifications, and MI25 are working in Azure as part of NVv4, so this statement is really weird?