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Journeyman III

suggestion next ryzen

What if Ryzen 7 next

still Vega 10 However uses the latest GDDR 6 on laptops

not use ram sodim (shared memory /Vram)

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Re: suggestion next ryzen


I did not understood really well your question, so i will guess what you wanted to ask.
I suppose you are wondering why the integrated Vega 10 gpu included into the Ryzen APU's did not used dedicated memory instead of the system shared VRAM.

Since the gpu is included into the cpu, together into a same chip, one would need to provide some connections to the external memory module, like the one you find on a normal gpu.

It is not an issue when one deal with a normal gpu instead of an APU, one have enough space on the chip itself to fit all the connections needed to link 4, 8, or X memory modules.
But since the gpu is integrated into the cpu, one can't freely add extra connections to the APU chip and socket, since a lot of the existing connections are already used for cpu purposes.
Hence it's far more easier to use the system shared memory instead adding external ram chip, since one can use the existing shared memory connection already designed for the cpu also for the integrated gpu work.

Obviously the downside is pretty obvious since the gpu is now tied to the system memory speed and capacity for the gpu work.
To be honest, the gaming results on these Ryzen APU are already really good with fast dual channel memory, i suppose future APU will do even better.

Journeyman III

Re: suggestion next ryzen

Can you guys make the ram work at 3888mhz as this would go along with Nikola Tesla's 432 megahertz frequency Theory and also the 3 6 9 Theory it just might make everything work with no errors

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Re: suggestion next ryzen


Not sure your comment make a lot of sense or i have some issues understanding it.
Since 3888Mhz equal to 3.888Ghz, nothing to do with 432Mhz, there is x10 factor difference.
Also not sure you get the right frequency, Tesla was speaking about 432Hz, not 432Mhz.

Just for your own personal knowledge, the Tesla theory of a perfect frequency is a derivate of what we know as quantum physics theory now.
That state that the matter itself is nothing more than a probability wave, a wave function that describe the most likely point in space where you will find and describe the quantum proprieties of the basic constituent of the matter.
In this sense, the Tesla theory of an unified wave frequency that describe the universe is not so impossible and make sense.
As i said before, since the matter can be described as a probability wave, if one sum up of all the probability wave of each mater particle in the universe, it will end up with a final wave describing the universe as a whole.

Allowing to predict the behaviour of each particle in the universe, quite a nice feat to push out!

Again, not sure tho i understand the analogy between 3888Mhz, 432Mhz, Tesla and the fact that everything work without errors.
If something works without errors, it simply mean well thought and engineered, nothing to do with the fundament law of our universe.