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Adept I
Adept I

Speculation an Ideal ZEN based APU for gamers/prosumers

In the near future (hopefully) I would love to be able to build  a system with an APU similar to this

An AMD ZEN based APU that is capable of (reasonably) high end gaming without a separate dedicated GPU

APU specs.....

APU with between 32 and 40 compute units (4/8 CPU and 28/32 GPU)

8/16 GB HBM memory (on chip/package)

Relatively high wattage will be fine as long as it can be cooled with a 120mm or 240mm radiator on a CLC system, as long as it will still consume less that an equivalent CPU+GPU

Price and performance would hopefully be at least 10% more performance than a similar priced intel cpu + nvidia GPU, or 10% cheaper for same performance.

For me the above chip would allow for smaller, and or quieter system, and if there was the option for the addition of a further GPU using Xfire similar to current generation APU's, to extend the life of the APU.

A secondary memory system could be placed in the system to use for tasks which may require more RAM than is supplied on chip, such as microns XPoint or traditional DRAM.

If this ever became a real product, I can see it finding a home in many gaming systems, steam boxes etc or anything that needs access to lots of memory bandwidth and can make use of HSA

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