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Adept III

Re: Ryzen 1700 Build. sometimes is bottlenecking.

ty so much for the information, i am going to wait for the stable proper bios, i've disabled the profile and the system is back to default. thanks.


Re: Ryzen 1700 Build. sometimes is bottlenecking.

I second the advice here.  My RAM kit was running at the rated 3200MHz at 14-16-16-16-36 with two DIMMs installed, but with four I could only reach 2667 MHz at those timings.  Recently, I downloaded the 2.36 beta UEFI (AGESA for my motherboard and set my RAM to 3200 MHz on all four DIMMs.  Not only did it POST and boot up on the first try, it has run several cycles of the Timespy stress test with no issues.  Everything is looking good!  Once the latest official UEFI drops for your board with AGESA you will likely be able to set that XMP profile and be done with it.