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Adept I

RX 6700 XT Black screen & restarting

Hello guys i am new here on this community i have a AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT OC 12GB GDDR6 192bit . And when i play warzone 2.0 my monitor goes black screen (165hz monitor) and after the black screen the pc is restarting the drivers are up to date and i dont know what to do . Can i get an advice ? Ty

Apparently i have this problem in 3 games and i dont know what to do in this case . I have a feeling is the video card or the last driver 22.11.1

And when the pc is back online i get that error with the wattman

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Hardware specs and what software you have running?

Are you running CPU, memory and GPU at stock settings, or overclocked, undervolted, PBO on/off, something else?

Has this happened since you got the computer or started recently?

You could try to set a low fps limit to games that crash and test if they keep crashing. FPS cap reduces stress to system. You should also check temperatures with HWINFO64.

Doesn't hurt to run sfc /scannow on command prompt

Adept I

I am on stock settings , the software i am using is Adrenalin edition 22.11.1.

This is happened from the beginning i installed warzone 2 play around 30 min and then black screen and the pc reboot itself . the temperatures are good Cpu is on 45-50 and Gpu is on 70 max .


I meant software you have running like discord, antivirus, ccleaner, web cam app, RGB software, Asus Crate and so on. Those tend to cause issues.

Some people have got rid of issues by not using Radeon software (uninstall)

Before that you could DDU your drivers and reinstall them.

Found this with goog... Uh... Bing actually:

"One of the ways to fix the Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 keeps crashing on PC dilemma is by making sure your video drivers are all up to date.

Another potential resolution suggested by Activision support is shutting down all applications running in the background and making sure your PC is running a compatible version of windows 10. Also make sure your computer is in a cool and well-ventilated place.

Away from the official Activision hymn sheet, you may want to try running the game in admin mode. Or, if it’s crashing in admin mode, try playing not as an administrator.

You can also try repairing the game files on Steam and to see if anything is corrupted. Another suggestion is turning down the quality of graphics via the in-game settings. You’re better off just resetting all of the Quality Presets to recommended."

If some game has to be run as administrator, it is scary terrible coding. Nothing of the sorts should exist.

EDIT: Also specs is kind of important if you are running a 6700XT with some 50 dollar PSU...

( Corsair TX-M Series TX750M 80 PLUS Gold 750W Semi Modular) this is the PSU . Now any game i play my pc restarts . i dont know what to do


If you have League of Legends, it seems to break some installations and only solution is to remove it, DDU drivers and reinstall them (not the game though)

start command prompt as an admin (type cmd to windows search, right click command prompt, run as administator)

type sfc /scannow

type chkdsk /F

Restart machine

Install latest BIOS

Try disabling XMP/DOCP/EXPO for testing purposes in case your memory in unstable.

Download and install latest chipset drivers even if you already have them

DDU GPU drivers

Install Adrenalin 22.5.1 Recommended (WHQL)

You might consider "driver only" installation as some people have issues with Radeon software.

Check integrity of gamefiles with service you run them with (Steam, Epyc...) There is an option to do this in them.

Disable hardware acceleration from all programs (Edge, Chrome, Steam aso)

Unplug other monitors if you have more than one.

Cap FPS to monitor refreshrate /2 (144Hz / 2 = 72) for testing

Monitor memory usage of GPU to detect memory leaks

Use add/remove software in Windows to uninstall all anti-cheat programs and reinstall them as needed

i have intalled now adrenalin 22.5.1 recommended and the pc is still restarting after i play a game . i dont have LOL . i have installed the latest BIOS and chipset drivers , the integrity files are ok . i have the monitor refreshrate to 144hz . All is ok as u said . but the pc is still restarting .

Btw while in the Black screen i hear a sound . The sound is like something is zzzzzz idk if u know what i mean


Noise is likely due to coil whine when fps jumps when there is nothing demanding to draw and likely irrelevant.

Did you DDU before reinstalling drivers? Also notice that 22.5.1 should work with other games, but Warzone 2 can still be problematic WZ2 should be run with latest driver. Idea of 22.5.1 was to test if it fixes issues with other two games.

You could try with one memory stick installed at a time and one option would be to do a clean reinstallation of Windows and then install only one game service and only one game (that used to crash, but something else than Warzone 2 though, as it has a reputation of crashing) and try if problem persists.


OK i will try , ty have a nice day


Hi CHRIS_32, have you had any luck with this issue? I have a brand new build with the following:
MSI Pro X670-P Wifi, 32GB GSKILL DDR5 6400, 6700XT, Corsair 850W PSU, running Windows 11 22H2 latest build and I too was/am having this issue.

Difference being, it restarted when running Edge, Outlook or any game. Right now, I'm writing this in Edge with the 6700XT removed to see if that could be the issue. Initially I could essentially force it to happen by starting Edge or Outlook, and the reboot would happen immediately. I've been running for around 20 minutes now and haven't been able to force it.

I'm going to let it sit for 12-14 hours and try to force it again, but I have new RAM (GSKILL 6000) ready to try if it happens again with the 6700XT removed.

If it doesn't keep happening, that will lean on the 6700XT and I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to go from there.

I'm basically replying to see if removing Adrenalin and just running with regular drivers helped at all, or anything else you may have tried.