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Journeyman III

Possible R&D? What do you think?

So I have been thinking this for a while and I can't find anything anywhere on the interwebs about any attempt of it. It recently occurred to me that at AMD, they have the ability to manufacture with such technologies and components so why not use the engineering capacity to manufacture an ATX motherboard with high-end graphics chips integrated into the board.


I know the laptop motherboards that have solder connection is essentially the same thing but if the GPU chipset is connected directly via the motherboards PCIe lanes, however in similar circumstances to their sister companies Motherboard PCB being connected to the HD Audio, the simple removal of one or 2 16x PCIe slots and separating of the board in the same way, a chipset from the RX 6000 or 5000 series cards could essentially be made in direct connection to the PCIe lanes. Surely this would alleviate most latency issues and software issues.


Understandably there would be some drawbacks such as narrowing the market, however, enthusiasts and hobbyist builders, I feel would be all over this like hotcakes.  The potential abilities of custom cooling solutions, art piece machines, slimmer lined compact machines, and much more. 


I guess they would have to lock the boards based on CPU to GPU for example if the motherboard was fitted with an RX 6700 chipset, it would be restricted to Ryzen 5 3000 series and higher. This would also make for better overall machine efficiency, driver control ability, latency, data transfer speed between processing units, and much more.


Pricey? Of course it would be, but worth it? Undoubtedly. What do you think?

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