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Adept III
Adept III

Over 2 yrs now waiting on AMD, Now High end GPU here and NO STOCK ..Man :( this Sucks.

The Best GPU From AMD I had for me  on what i could afford at that time was a R9 290 , back in end of 2013.

I kept going on with that and added a second one  on  Crossfire , for a while until I got a Radeon FX 570 on 2017.

Ive been waiting on a Decent High end GPU from AMD ever since and while the 5700 XT looked somewhat a decent upgrade  I knew it would not be on  long shelf life for a GPU  i wanted to Pay premium for and so i waited more.

Now that AMD has finally delivered on a HIGH END  GPU  there is NO option to buy one.

Talk about depressing.

Oh well. Here is hoping they can somehow manage to make enough so that we can purchase one without having to wonder WHY  Ebay always allows Bots or ( PEOPLE) like Scalpers  to sell products at over inflated prices just to make more money on the actual people that buy products to use it.

I wish Ebay or other retailers could somehow do something about this.   Just so Sad.

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