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My Future RyZen Build **Completed!!!**

Okay, So here she is


I love her colors and the Asus STRIX RX580 OC fits in perfect with the colors of my computer. I will still be trying to get my hands on a Vega Card but the RX580 OC can handle her own. I was playing DOOM (2016) with max settings in 1080P (including the two hidden settings the game wont go into with a preset because they're a grade higher then the highest preset) and i was hitting anywhere from 160 to 205 FPS!


FPS while watching sparks fly and bounce around


FPS while Idle game play.... Plus a head in a toilet.

Check out the build here

     Hello all, as some of you may of heard I am building a R7 flagship build to replace my AMD Power House. It will be my main computer for a while and this isn't something I get to do every day so I'm going to be using as many top shelf parts as possible. I am still debating what RAM I will be using and I have the motherboard down to two choices. Here is a list of stuff that has already been ordered or will be ordered as soon as its available.

CPU: RyZen R7 1800X

GPU: As of right now I will be putting in my R9 390 8GB till I eventually update to a AMD Vega or the (rumored) RX485X2 (two RX480 in one kinda like the R9 295X2)

PSU: Right now I am looking to keep the Corsair RM1000 - This puppy has powered a 220 watt FX9370 and two Asus R9 290Xs through many heavy loads and shes still fairly young. I am sure she can handle the much lower requirements of today's CPU's and GPU's but Corsair was able to help me update her with some pretty sleeved cables

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair VI Hero


The AMD Power House has been rocking the Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z for a long time and that beast has never given me any issues.

Cooling System: Custom loop with a D5 pump, Bitspower brass 360mm rad with 3 red Corsair SP120's, red / chrome double sealed 16mm g1/4 fittings, PETG tubes, Bitspower digital flow meter to connect to motherboard, in and out coolant temp sensors to connect to motherboard, Monsoon MMRS pump cover and custom reservoir tank. MMRS allows me to custom build both these items exactly how i want. Tank itself, tank end caps, tank tension rods, fittings, coolant lights and some other pieces have been individually selected.

Pump Cover.jpg

D5 Pump.jpg



Corsair Fan.jpg



Case: Corsair Graphite Series 760T Full Tower ATX



I was originally looking at the Corsair Crystal Series where the left, right, top and front were a solid piece of tempered glass but I was concern about size where it only fit some full ATX mobos where as this case will hold any thing you throw at it and I think she looks pretty sexy. Just imagine what she will look like when she has a bunch of sleeved red cables and pack full of red fans along with some hidden white led strips

Storage: okay this one is gonna be some crazy

3X - 1 TB WD HDD in RAID 0 for mass storage / game installs

3X - 1 TB WD HDD in RAID 0 for HD 60FPS recording

1X - Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe M.2  (Updated version that shouldn't be burning out IC's) 

Samsung EVO.jpg

Now as far as what kind? For the the WD HDD I was gonna go with the Black Edition but recent research showed the only advantage the Black drives had over the 7200 RPM Blue Drives is the warranty. The (7200 RPM) Blue drives recently got an upgrade where they are using a single more dense platter where they could hold more info in a single inch of surface area and were actually achieving a higher read / write then the Black drives. The black drives (for now) are still using the older less dense platters. I am currently testing the triple RAID 0 WD Blue HDD setup in the AMD Power House and she is loading new AAA games in a heart beat as well as GTA-V and you all know what the loading in that game can be like. For the PCI-e storage I am going with the WD Black Gen3 x4. I was gonna go with the Samsung 960 EVO but something worried me, i went and checked out a bunch of reviews and a lot of them were saying the same thing. "It worked awesome for 3 to 4 weeks then stopped working", this was apparently due to it getting to hot and burning up the IC's. WD black ssd claims to have better control over this.

RAM: 32 Gb of Corsair Vengeance (3000) LED red

Corsair DDR4.jpg

I will be doing a video on this build as well as a time lapse (still love me some time lapse videos) I was wondering if I should live stream this as I know that has been a popular thing with new tech builds. Any way if any one has any ideas or suggestions please let me know. I want this thing to scream and I can not wait to post this build in the Rig Showcase.

Thanks for reading and your time!

                                            Eric Jones


Here is everything right now, the rest the parts show up in the next two days including the CPU and Mobo. Ordered those babies with one day shipping . I know the table is crappy it's why everything is in bags and boxes haha, the table was recently used as a work bench for some computer room renovations.


Okay..... Looks like ANOTHER screw up happened. I was supposed to finally get my Crosshair VI motherboard after a month of mess-ups but it happened again... It is now at a point of "we don't know when it will come in" again, so I canceled the Crosshair VI all together for now. I will be using a Asus Prime B350 for right now because I can get it fairly quick and will only be using a single GPU currently any way. I will ATTEMPT to get the Crosshair VI in about a month when HOPEFULLY the ordering system will have calm down a bit and I can actually place a order without it getting all kinds of screwed up. My current computer is on life support because of a power failure that happened and screwed my Raids all kind of up. I got it working again but man, its iffy. I reassigned the raid drives and did a very long full Raid Format and now have a very strong Tripp-Lite UPS but its a 60/40 chance of it even booting up and even if it does boot up programs randomly crash so I can't do any major work on it because I could loose it all in a heartbeat also I don't want to use my collection of brand new hard drives for my RyZen build on my current motherboard in case its screwed up as well. So I ordered the Asus B350 so I can get back to editing and having a computer I can count on.

     Okay...So that mobo came in and guess what.... it was freaking DOA. I cant Catch a break BUT i did get my hands on a X370 PRO. It's no Crosshair VI ROG mobo but it's still fairly nice and it gets the job done. I am also glad to announce that my ROG mobo is supposedly in the mail and showing up tomorrow, now with the absolute nightmare it has been getting my hands on this thing i wont get to excited till i have it installed and working.


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Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

Looks like it will be a good one, can't wait.


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

Thank you, I am so excited to build a computer from scratch again! Powerful computers in them selves are fun to play with but there is something special (to me anyway) about building a new computer from scratch with a collection of new parts.

Adept III

Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

This system looks good.  I am still in the process of piecing together my new flagship build.  I am going to drive my wife crazy because I will just be finishing my AMD TUF INSIDE build when I start the new Ryzen build.  If I build a Ryzen system I must go all in with high end parts so to get this one past my wife I will have to buy her a new Audi.  I will post my build ideas soon.



Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

Thats a expensive system if it requires an Audi haha.


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

I'm gonna start posting the update list as new parts continue to roll in


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

a lot of Ryzen builds in the near future detected!


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

Agreed, just wish more online places started to allow pre-orders on parts. Pretty much common knowledge that parts will be available the first week of the upcoming month but none of the major online marketplaces are saying if they're even going to be carrying it. Only thing I have found so far is places that will sell a whole custom build, not independent parts.


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

She has been named! My future RyZen build will named "Maximum Effort" reference from DEADPOLL, figured it was fitting with the top end CPU, motherboard, RAM, two RAID 0 setups and the 960 EVO. Plus with it being a DEADPOOL reference  she will receive a 8-bit DEADPOOL sticker, a Maximum Effort badge and dressed in red and black.


Re: My (very soon) Future RyZen Build

It's official. I just ordered the R7 1800X and will be ordering the Crosshair VI.... as soon as Newegg allows me too