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March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th


We know you've been waiting for this announcement...

AMD’s March Virtual LAN will be on Saturday, March 26th! Starting at 10:00am CDT, we are going to jump on TeamSpeak and game until WASD is rubbed off on our keyboards (that normally happens around 10:00pm CDT)! If you need help determining the start time in your location, check out World Time Buddy​ for time zone conversion.

Space is limited. If you’d like to participate, please reply to this thread with just how excited you are for this event and what games you want to play and we will add you to the Participant List. If you are not already a member of the Red Team forums, you will need to register in order to sign up.

A day or two before the event, we will email all registered participants the password for AMD’s TeamSpeak​ (EDIT 3/25: Emails were sent with TeamSpeak password, please check your spam folder. If you don't have the email, please PM me so I can give you the informaiton). So make sure your email in your Red Team profile is up-to-date and that you have downloaded and installed TeamSpeak before the event! Also, please include your home address and t-shirt size in your profile, I might want to send you something in the mail before the VLAN

Keep in mind that this is a BYOG (Bring Your Own Game) event. Popular games from VLAN #2 included Battlefield 4, CS:GO, Rocket League and Dirty Bomb. All game genres are welcome and TeamSpeak rooms will be created for each popular game!

Keep your eye on this thread, I will periodically update it with a list of who's in, games others want to play and a special prize that Red Team Plus will be giving away!

If you won't be able to actively participate in the VLAN but want to watch the action and join in the chat, torn_tv​, nomadskid​, designsbyninja and virgo4u will stream from our Twitch channel.

Before you sign up, make sure you read the official VLAN and giveaway rules:

This VLAN would not be possible without the the members of Red Team Plus! A huge thank you to all the members who put together this event: superbenphartindust, iwalkwithedead, j3ster727, torn_tv, janettwokay, kelleytech, lennya42, ithegreek, virgo4u, nomadskid, riirichan and designsbyninja

See you on TeamSpeak!



ASUS 970 Pro Gaming Aura Motherboard                   XFX Radeon R9 380 Double Dissipation                        AMD Radeon R7 480GB SSD


     HyperX Fury RAM 16GB (2x8GB)                AMD FX 8370 with Wraith Cooler

Red Team Plus Provided Prize


          4K PC built by torn_tv​ and thegametechnician​!


  1. lennya42 - Red Team Plus
  2. phartindust - Red Team Plus
  3. kelleytech - Red Team Plus
  4. nomadskid - Red Team Plus
  5. Torn_TV - Red Team Plus
  6. Virgo4u - Red Team Plus
  7. DesignsByNinja - Red Team Plus
  8. iwalkwithedead - Red Team Plus
  9. downl1nk - AMD
  10. RedHairSheDevil - AMD (that's me!)
  11. AMDJoe - AMD
  12. biogenx2b
  13. staticfx
  14. wuvein
  15. blazek
  16. EazyDozer
  17. ninja85a
  18. tindeath
  19. vaporx
  20. walking_corpse
  21. johnweland
  22. thegametechnician
  23. deken
  24. danglingparticiple
  25. silvershaman777
  26. untamedloli
  27. peter@nixeus
  28. akariko
  29. itizeasy
  30. tubby
  31. garwynn
  32. williewonka7
  33. NocturneKittie
  34. maxxhew
  35. duramax08
  36. jrandym
  37. valencho3
  38. articwind
  39. valentinfreakz
  40. x_tream_us
  41. sunderian
  42. meldarth
  43. randyc71
  44. feverstiker
  45. elpuertorro
  46. vijaydasr
  47. 00lulle
  48. swigityswag
  49. staticlight
  50. zealotki11er
  51. nightfire
  52. sabah70
  53. jamesc359
  54. larrydarren
  55. bux_
  56. kiui
  57. dan360x
  58. tr1pw1r3
  59. bottoman
  60. headpool182
  61. dtub
  62. radguy88
  63. benman2785
  64. marcusedwards
  65. teenyfox
  66. envymia
  67. justthetip
  68. darrenrainey
  69. thumper
  70. rainbrodash666
  71. coyotezeye
  72. superalphajellybean
  73. xlenduroman
  74. punk4evr
  75. sgtbilko
  76. bluknight34
  77. pardonmylagg
  78. zen00
  79. thedak
  80. krankypants
  81. teromee
  82. argenthorizon
  83. doodruid
  84. theriaya
  85. billy_not_really
  86. jackalopeater
  87. tyler2k
  88. colin83
  89. yuten
  90. turbo123
  91. kgoto
  92. aarredteam
  93. roninjian
  94. jyrka98
  95. stoggy28
  96. milojkovic
  97. nesha00
  98. banish17
  99. sade
  100. rulikas4
  101. htky
  102. teckem
  103. bigtummydummy
  104. trippinvoid
  105. m1chb3ltr3
  106. colonel_kurtz
  107. rwgtroll
  108. slamoka
  109. esmea
  110. firearrow133
  111. berilium
  112. hypnoooww
  113. raidonku
  114. zacharyo


  1. CS:GO
  2. Unreal Tournament 4
  3. Elite: Dangerous ARENA
  4. Blur
  5. World of Warships
  6. Rocket League
  7. Battlefield 4
  8. Minecraft
  9. Team Fortress 2
  10. War Thunder
  11. Gary's Mod
  12. Payday 2
  13. Civilization 5
  14. The Division
  15. Project Cars
  16. Deadstar
  17. Star Wars Battlefront
  18. Insurgency
  19. Brawlhalla
  20. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  21. Street Fighter V
  22. DOTA 2
  23. Heroes of the Storm
  24. Rainbow 6 Siege
  25. Helldivers
  26. Dirty Bomb
  27. Mortal Kombat X
  28. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1 & 2
  29. Left 4 Dead 2
  30. Need For Speed
  31. Paragon
  32. Titanfall
  33. Warframe
  34. DiRT Rally
  35. 7 Days to Die
  36. Endless Legend
  37. SMITE
  38. Trove
  39. Grand Theft Auto V
  40. Battlefield 3
  41. Mass Effect 3 Multi
  42. Need for Speed
  43. Rust
  44. Dirt 3

If you aren't sure what a VLAN is, check out our recap video from VLAN #2!

231 Replies
Adept II
Adept II

Re: March Madness Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

I am very excited for this event! Some games I'd love to see here:

  • Blur (20-player combat racing)
  • Unreal Tournament 4
  • Elite: Dangerous ARENA (PEWPEW Spaceships)

What a time to be alive!


Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

Yesss count me in for some CS:GO!!!

Adept I
Adept I

Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

These are always a lot of fun, Count me in!  -World of Warships


Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

Oh yeah! Count me in! 

- Rocket League

- BF4


Adept III
Adept III

Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

Well I am in of course.

Guess I should add some games.

-Rocket League


-Whatever else people are playing.

0 Kudos
Adept I
Adept I

Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

looking forward to this

some games that would be cool battlefield

minecraft if some people like that

war thunder


TF 2

garrys mod

payday 2

civilization 5

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Adept III
Adept III

Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

Oh ya, I want in!  AMD community is the best.

I play all different types of games, so what ever everybody else play I am there...

PS. My handle is Tindeath

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Adept II
Adept II

Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

I will be there....


Re: March Virtual LAN Party -- Saturday, March 26th

I'm in! PC problems from last time are fixed!

The Division, The Division, and The Division..

Possibly some Rocket League if I can tear myself away from New York