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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Make ATI great again.

Long time ATI user, I like that I could always count on getting best aftermarket cooler version of Radeon and get to tweaking. Upping clocks, volts, fan speeds, tuning till i found the sweet spot for that particular game. Then putting on some closed back headphones, damming the power draws, thermals and server room fan ambiance, cranck it to 11. All the while getting excellent price to performance per dollar.

I just got to ask  one thing from you, Raja, can you try to get back the team that developed the 9800XT? Man you made some great cards back then.

Seems like you need to harness some of that old ATI mojo. Raj, may I call you Raj? If you were an animal, you'd be a Cheetah. Harness that old ATI essence and project your inner Cheetah into RTG.

Seriously though you need to pivot maybe. Fix the current issue, pun intended and get us a micro code update to draw more power from the 6 pin instead of the Mobo. Maybe future models should have an 8 pin connector instead. Re-spec your card for 180W TDP, frack it be in the same TDP as Pascal, you're a Cheetah after all. 180W is still on Par with a 1080, puts you in line with the expectations of current architecture and to me it's cool that a 200 dollar has same TDP as a Hair-works 1080.

Maybe this could mean that AIB partners could have versions with better power delivery via 8 pin, better voltage control, thermal control, to actually be able to over clock these cards like was expecting.

I am sure by now you have seen the guys over at PC Per break the issue down, like proper computer scientists, with a Spock like logic from Malvyntano.

I know that RTG respects their work as much or more than I do. They have done some really good work here and I think you can too. Call Ryan up and hash this out, I'm sure he has better ideas than I do .

For me I think that if you can fix this with an update to get it back to spec, and the AIB partners can get a handle of thermals, voltages and cooling sollutions, I'm all for seeing what a $250+ card that can get to 1500+ Mhz can do. Give me, us, the people back our power and #MakeRTGgreat


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