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Journeyman III

l1 cache on V1605B/gfx902

I am trying to run opencl on V1605B Raven Ridge. I understand there is limited support for it. I am wondering why rocminfo and clinfo show no GPU cache on this part. If I build ROCclr and ROCT-Thunk-Interface in debug mode, I will see failed assertions about missing cache info. If I assume since it's an integrated APU the cache is shared with CPU (as memory is shared with CPU) and treat CPU and GPU cache the same with some small code change, then I can run some rocm and opencl programs. I actually can get them to run and see correct results, but I will have to reboot after one successful run because the GPU will lock up and the driver will try to reset it.

Is there supposed to be L1 cache on this part? Why would it be detected incorrectly by KFD? Is this a CRAT table issue? I can confirm that I have analyzed the CRAT and there is no entry that indicates HSACU cache.


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