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Adept I

Just a thank you to AMD from grateful computer nuts.

This may be a funny post but having a talk with friends we were talking about a kind of recent history of the cpu and overall outlook of how things were going right before the RYZEN cpu came out.

   We called it the home computer user dark age. AMD was having a real hard time, lots of people were saying that AMD could go bankrupt and Intel was putting the screws to everyone with high prices and very little to no cpu improvments.

   At that time I was in need of a new computer but couldn't afford it. Man, It really was the computer user dark age.

But the RYZEN miracle happened, what a CPU, I can only imagine that people at Intel looked like they were going to have heart attacks. I could afford to get a computer and AMD has gave us great CPUs with lots of cores and great performance at a great price.

  So my friends and I thought I should come on here and just say Thank you AMD from lifting us out of those dark ages and it's great to see you doing so bloody well again. We just feel it is a small but a well deserved thank you  would be a nice thing to say because you folks really brought us out of those horrible times where the outlook for the home computer user was so bleak back then.

  Oh yeah, can't wait (but have to anyway) for the Zen 2, that is going to be my next upgrade part and it will be fantastic to see. Hope it bashes the S(%T out of Intel's best... yeah....