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Adept II

Input Lag Tweaks for Gaming v2

Oh man I have lived with input lag on my Ryzen 1600, RX 580 for 2 years but had input lag for 4 years. I had no clue why I had so much input lag in all of my games compared to my previous FX and Athlon builds. After 2 years of research I have some solutions that may help you. <Note> I am using the same setup: mouse, 144hz monitor, room, outlet as my previous setups so I can feel the performance differences.

  • A good input lag reduction came from installing the new Windows 10 1903. I used windows 7, Regular Windows 1500s-1776 windows LTSB 2016, windows 10 LTSC 2019 all of them had the same lag. No matter how much I reinstalled it doesn't change the amount of input lag on my Ryzen(s). Using the new 1903 scheduler reduced my input lag by a noticeable amount. It eliminated that English keyboard language input lag problem I had and beyond. That 20% scheduling performance increase from windows 1903 claim does hold water.

As I recall, most of the input lag for games came from around October 2016 when Windows 10 changed the way their dwm.exe worked. You have to disabled full screen optimization in order to have normal performance in applications now and it affects both alt tabbed and fullscreen applications.(but this is not just a Ryzen exclusive tweak it's genearal

Other huge tweaks that affect input lag:

  • Your monitor settings. Just test out different settings: gaming modes, natural modes. I know for my benq monitor has this thing called AMA settings that changes performance significantly by changing ms response time.

  • Your monitor cable. DP Users can sometimes fix their stuttering, blacking out, or input lag problems with this method.

  • Process Lasso might help especially for Ryzen CCX performance. For Process Lasso on Ryzen you set your game to the primary cores(Disable SMT). And on other apps I set them on secondary cores(odds). So it would look like Game 0,2,4,6,8,10 and other apps like chrome would be 1,3,5,7,9,11. Not only did this improve scheduling and responsiveness on older windows versions by 50% but increased FPS by around 50 as well.

Here are some CCX methods for Ryzen 3000 series though. I have not used them since I am still on first gen.

Cores on ryzen 3k are numbered by their physical cores, with their smt pairs coming after that so core 0,8 1,9 2,10, etc. should be all the same cores ht pair on a 3700/3800x on a 3600 its 0,6 1,7, 2,8 etc. on a 3900x its 0,12, 1,13, etc. - this all is important from what i know, depending if you have 3-core ccxs (6 and 12 core parts) or 4-core ccxs (8 and 16 core parts), itll be just the 3 consecutive cores 0,1,2 3,4,5, etc. or 0,1,2,3 4,5,6,7 respectively so say you want to bind it to 1 ccx on a 3700x, youd set the affinity to core 4,5,6,7,12,13,14,15 for a 3600 itd be 3,4,5,9,10,11 for a 3900x itd be 3,4,5,15,16,17 and for a 3950x itd be 4,5,6,7,20,21,22,23 ccx structure on a 3600: (0,1,2,6,7,8),(3,4,5,9,10,11) ccx structure on a 3700x: (0,1,2,3,8,9,10,11)(4,5,6,7,12,13,14,15) ccx structure on a 3900x: (0,1,2,12,13,14),(3,4,5,15,16,17),(6,7,8,18,19,20),(9,10,11,21,22,23) ccx structure on a 3950x: (0,1,2,3,16,17,18,19),(4,5,6,7,20,21,22,23),(8,9,10,11,24,25,26,27),(12,13,14,15,28,29,30,31)

More often than not, it helps and is sometimes the only optimization you need.

Disable Nagles and set System Responsiveness ect, Fortnite especially felt much better after these tweaks.

"Whenever someone is suggesting a change to \Games they always say: "In the same Registry hive as the above tweak, you can also change the priority of Games. To implement this tweak, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile\Tasks\Games and change the following registry values:

“GPU Priority” change its values to 8 for gaming. “Priority” set to 6 for gaming."

But I don't feel it's much different from default. However setting these numbers to something else messes with your applications and causes problems.

The utility was updated recently and now you can add priorities towards each device as well, however I just don't know which settings are the most beneficial yet, just don't change the MSI mode of your OS drive. Before you use MSI Utility, you have to make a system restore checkpoint first. This is due to if you change the mode of your Sata or hard drive devices to MSI mode your OS will not boot anymore. If system restore doesn't work, this video helps to restore your registry but you can also just make up your own backup.

  • Some random bugfix that I needed: I had to change keyboard language from English(US) or (UK) to English(Philippines). I assume it has something to do with their spying. I was even using Win 10 LTSC 2019 1809. Then again I felt the same lag on my dual boot win7. Can confirm the input lag is on English Canada as well. So far the best I tried is English Philippines.

  • Disable CSM or set CSM to mostly legacy in BIOS.

For me, it felt great on my x370 prime-pro but might be placebo.

"Here's the (occasionally) updated pastebin version of all the tweaks i found that do something on AMD GPUs. AMD GPU Performance REG for 19.1.1+

(UPDATED 14/03/2019 for bugfixes. Should work now.)

I tested this with a RX 580 V1 MSI OCed to 1425core 2250mem 50% power limit and with disabling the 300mhz memory P0 state in overdriveNTool, great performance. I also added some DVRanalytics keys to disable in case you enabled AMD User Experience improvement program. Driver latest 19.3.2 tested on Windows 10 1809 October Update, AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 16gb of RAM PC."

Theres also this other radeon reg file that you can try out as well.

  • Biggest tweak however on the GPU Side is to have Chill or Anti-Lag on the only things to have on(depending on what game you play.) Some games require uncapped fps with anti-lag on or some games work better with anti lag only so it's up to you to test them out for yourself.

    Before chill and anti-lag my r9 270x and r7 370 both performed very well no input lag at all but switching over to rx 580 I felt some strange lag. Setting in game frame limiters helped a teeny bit somewhat but these settings provided just as much of a boost, if not even better performance than just upgrading to Windows 1903+.

So my Best Radeon Settings are Disable Freesync, Disable Enhanced Sync, and enable Chill/Anti-Lag. Sometimes Free-Sync or Enhanced Sync might be good but really it all depends on your setup and games. ttps://

Edit: Yeah it is "placebo" but I can tell the difference as a competitive gamer. I usually rank at least diamond or masters in all the games I played: Overwatch, League of Legends, SFV but for the past 2 years I couldn't really play any of them competitively because of some over arching lag in my system. I mean I COULD play them but it's just disgusting to play with input lag and hurts my soul. First 3 hours after tweaking I finally moved on from diamond to masters in Overwatch and it almost feels as good as my older builds. So take it as you will, but flipping through options I can feel the difference. It might just be better frame delivery or better consistency but whatever it is, there is much less input lag from my system to my monitor. This does, not however eliminate all of the lag entirely. I still suspect CCX is still causing problems and is one of my last item to test. If it is the case, then I have to switch back to FX for gaming. I have tested GTX 970 with my Ryzen but the difference is negligible. Windows 10 1903 upgrade was much more significant. Will test if R9 makes a big difference because I've read several threads where people complained about RX 580 having huge input lag such as this one. Huge input lag with RX 580 

If we could feel the difference between V-Sync on and off, why is it so far off that I can feel differences in these tweaks?

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Adept III

Re: Input Lag Tweaks for Gaming v2

some tweaks new for me , ty

Adept II

Re: Input Lag Tweaks for Gaming v2

what the hell... I had the lag input because of the keyboard language.  I tried English India and in instant, the lag input was reduced. the feeling of the mouse in a matter of stopping. it feels faster and more precise.  I can bring the lag input back if I change once again to English USA.... What the hell is that ???

Stil I have the feeling of acceleration but I don't know if it's because I was with lag input too much time.

Adept II

Re: Input Lag Tweaks for Gaming v2

Would you confirm that, or is just placebo?

Journeyman III

Re: Input Lag Tweaks for Gaming v2

everything on my post is confirmed and super simple