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Journeyman III

im sadly returning my card XFX card and this is the reason...


It was a tough journey to finally make a post in this forum, but after managing it, my post got flagged as spam and deleted. That was the tipping point for me. I was so eager for that card to work. I've been trying for a month, but it didn't live up to my expectations. I was particularly disappointed because I couldn't get the GPU pass-through from a Linux host to a Windows guest working; it kept crashing the guest system. This wasn't an issue with my old Nvidia 1070ti. I chose the 7900 XT mainly for its ample RAM, as I intended to do both gaming and experiment with AI models. However, ROCM turned out to be quite immature. Despite that, I was still patient and hopeful, checking daily for any new official .deb file on the AMD site. Yet, it continually presented the same problem: "ERROR (dkms apport): There was a segmentation fault when trying to build the module."

I'm curious if this experience was unique to me or if others with a 7900 XT encountered similar issues. Is it a hardware problem or simply a matter of immature drivers?

sadly i initiated a return process... just a feed back from a user tired from nvidia abuses but AMD is not solving my issues either.

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