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Journeyman III

How to get the support contact page modified at

This page: extreme inconsistent.

Take for example the German entry's phone number: 49
Next to India which then suddenly is +91
And Indonesia then again is different: 007
But not every numbering system adopts the 00, for example in the America's it's 011, however: + will automatically fix that.
So far all fine by me - actually I don't care about that.

Where it's getting confusing is Italy: 800-etc
and then the Benelux: 008-etc
Focus on the difference here:
locally within Italy area codes don't start with a 0
while in the Benelux 00 is the prefix to initiate international calls.
If you would apply the logic as seen at Germany, the Benelux number would be 800-etc.

Italy I don't care too much about, the notation will probably serve it's purpose.

Anything above this line was just amusement.

What freaking annoys me is the notation of the Benelux number: 008-etc
For years I wish that AMD notates international tollfree prefixes as more distinctive an international number, so +8

The notation like this makes customers in The Netherlands (part of the Benelux) assume it should be 0800-1230etc.

However, in fact the number seems either not in use, or not activated at the major networks in the Benelux.

How can I motivate AMD to have this number removed OR have it written distinctive being an international number - not a national tollfree number?
(so like +8-1230etc).
Further I guess the +31-20-etc number would serve it's purpose a lot better than a confusing non-functioning number.

I've asked this question many times before.
Usually kind and polite.
For many years hopeful and with patience.
But apparently AMD is large multinational, and first-line support doesn't know how to solve it / channel it upstream.

So maybe let's forgot about my question.
Let's change that to:

Could anyone tell me what would be most effective method to piss off and frustrate confused AMD users who don't read correctly, and incorrectly assume they know what would be the correct number of AMD Benelux?
Where I then have a small portion of hope the frustration I ignite and boost, would arrive at AMD, signalling the same unchanged message: please fix this notation / or preferable: remove the number.

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