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Adept I
Adept I

Hoping to join Red Team soon...

Hello everyone...I am new here to this forum but not new to AMD products...My first computer that I have owned back in 1997 was an AMD 5x86 that ran @ 133Mhz... I was in my late teens at the time I received this computer and in no time took it apart and put it back together...That time AMD was not heavily known to the masses. I was off and on since then building machines either from

AMD or should I say it...Intel. Got my first real job in a years time working for CompUSA and used AMD more than any Intel product. AMD has grown to become a powerhouse in the gaming community as well as other industries. Hope to stay a proud AMD their graphics cards and CPU/APU `s. Great in both worlds. Currently I am setting up a rig to house the upcoming

Zen processors...this will be my highest customized machine to date. I will show it off soon to the community once its ready. Also 4k is highly available now but won`t invest in a monitor right away that utilizes the 4k resolution...Once the Vega architecture is released officially then we will see. The reason I wrote this small choppy background of my beginnings with AMD processors is to let everyone see I am dedicated to AMD and would like to be apart of this great community. Thank you and hope everyone has a great day!!!


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