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Journeyman III

Driver timeout error

(sorry for my english)

I have Ryzen 4500u and Radeon Graphics (vega 6).  2 weeks ago I installed Radeon Software 21.3.1 and everything was good. Yesterday I noticed on the system that there is new version of Radeon Software, but I decided not to install new version.

Today morning there was a lot of messages during normal Win 10 work "We're detected an driver timeout error on your system. An error log has been created. This error log may help the AMD to fix the error".  Not during games, because I don't play games. I was on Win 10 work

After these errors I decided to install new version Radeon Software 21.4.1 to check if this helps. And this helped because there were no errors after install new version Radeon Software, but now I have other problem. Fan is extremely loud and CPU temperatures are 80-90C. It wasn't like that with with Radeon Software 21.3.1 where CPU temperatures where 40-50C. I'm not talking about games, just normal Win10 work


So now I'm between old Radeon Sofware version with those timeout driver crashes and new Radeon Software with fan loud and CPU high temperatures, I don't know what to do. Please help