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Adept II

Congratulations AMD!!!

Congratulations AMD on the successful launch of the Ryzen 3000 processors and Radeon HD 5700 graphics cards. Only AMD can bring to market entire platform of high end processors and graphics cards. It's exciting to see AMD raise the bar across the board and it a big win for all consumers. 

Go Team Red!

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Re: Congratulations AMD!!!

On CPU side - it definitely looks like the new Ryzen processors are good: I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review - YouTube 
It looks like memory compatibility situation might now be much better than on Ryzen 2700X and X470 motherboards.
I probably should have waited until now to do my first Ryzen build, it would probably have saved me months of RAM problems.

RX5700XT GPU is a welcome improvement from Vega 64 reference in gaming.
In reality it is the 3 year later replacement for the RX480 8GB and can now compete with RTX2060 Super. 
I think the price of is still too high.
I think the lack of a good dual fan 2 slot high reference cooler with backplate on both cards is a mistake.
Nvidia are also bundling games with the Super cards, so the current lower price will not compensate for this:
NVIDIA to Offer "Super Fast. Supernatural" Bundle for RTX SUPER: Wolfenstein: Young Blood and Contro...
I think AMD need to introduce a new good game bundle with these new GPUs.

The XBOX  3 month game pass is only worth about $15 and you do not get to keep any games w/o subscription.
I have been trying the Xbox game pass for PC (Beta). It is not great. Download times are long, and mostly older games.

In terms of feature differentiation.
I think AMD should have fixed Radeon Chill so it is useable w/o killing Keyboard Input only FPS, because currently Chill is almost completely useless.
Radeon Image Sharpening uses Contrast Adaptive Sharpening and there is already a similar image sharpening filter available in ReShade.

I do not know if the new RX5700/XT have a better GPU upscaling algorith or if it is the same as already available on Vega 64.

Hopefully RX5700XT AIB 2 PCIe slot high (40mm) dual fan version will turn up before Nvidia release an RTX 2060 on 7nm.
I think the  Nvidia Super cards are only a temporary defense against RX5700XT on 7nm.