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Journeyman III

Coding-free computer vision development software

If you are developing computer vision based applications, we have great computer vision development software. It's fully GUI based. No program coding at all. It's far easier to use and learn than coding based machine learning software. It's very powerful. Still very easy to use.

It is mature OpenCL based. Very fast! Highly optimized for GPU.

More importantly, it generates program source code that you can be embedded into your applications, ranging from super computers to single board computers, in C++, Java, Apple Swift and Objective-C. OpenCL, Cuda, OpenGL ES 3, Metal codes are generated.

Pre- and post processing such as color inversion, histogram equalization, color transformation, encoding, object filtering, etc., are all incorporated. You don't need coding for that.

It's free for AMD developers. Free (limited) technical support is provided.

For more information and download, visit the following link and request download mentioning AMD Ryzen computer to get unlimited free license;

CMSR Machine Learning Studio for Computer Vision 

Computer Vision for Edge Computing Devices 


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