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China's general agent maliciously resell CPU

                                                          China's general agent maliciously resell CPU

  At first,i'm a chinese, and my english is poor,so i can't prefectly express what my point.But i hope AMD officials can see that, and do something useful to stop it.

  As the title suggests, China's general agent maliciously resell CPU.The JD(京东) official flagship store, is the only agent who has agency authorization in china.On nov 5, The 5000 serials goes on sale, but official flagship store need reservation and rush to purchase,especially the 5900X and 5950X. But what makes me angry is that others store in JD(京东) or XianYu(咸鱼) has ample supply of goods but has a higher price than official flagship store. LOL, did they can produce amd 5000 serial by themselves?Absolute they can't ,so let's guess who give them these AMD 5000 serial?After a long day, On nov  6, very a few people bought 5000 serials  CPU.  On nov 11, one week pasted, only 500 evaluations on JD, not seldom? But most have a similar template!!!  It's click farming!The CPU from there left hand to right hand, and from right hand to left hand, and produce evaluations on platform.  The players who really need it can't buy it.

    This behavior damaged the enthusiasm of the players, which in turn affected AMD's benefit, because the players therefore chose Inter. Players are looking for high value for money and being able to buy. Now, they can't buy a 5000 serials CPU, they have to buy an Inter.

    So, AMD officials,please do someting to stop them,otherwise i will to buy Inter CPU soon~~

ps: I don't want to reveal my identity because I'm afraid someone will retaliate against me!

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