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Journeyman III

Bad Performance on Fortnite Performance Mode

Gonna make it short and simple, when using the latest driver 22.5.1 for Fortnite it pops up with a warning that there are issues with this driver and to roll back to 22.2.2. When using 22.5.1 on Performance Mode it has severe fps drops down to 30 with a 6600xt ryzen 5 5600 system. I then switched to DX12 and the fps issues stopped and it was at a stable 240. Only problem is the input lag is much worse on DX12 than performance mode, and I want the best fps and input delay I can get. So after the warning, I used DDU to roll back the driver to 22.2.2, and when I tried it out the performance on Performance Mode on Fortnite was even worse. I switched to DX12 to test it on the 22.2.2 driver and it was worse as well with alot of stutters and frame drops. So, I then went back to 22.5.1 and am stuck on DX12 now, waiting for a fix to be made for Performance Mode. Really a bummer that I've always had issues with AMD's software and drivers with this 6600xt and my past rx 580 and its unreliability compared to NVIDIA.

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