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Adept I

APU Kaveri + HSA

I will anticipate a question that may arise. Yes I am aware that ROCm has been removed from support for the Kaveri APU, or even all APUs. But I'm writing here because I saw AMD HSA support in Pocl 3.0 announcement.
Therefore I wonder if the support for APU HSA was removed from the Linux kernel itself? If I'm not mistaken it was AMDKFD module.
And a question to those who already use HSA, what Linux software currently supports AMD HSA?
I know it used to be Libre Calc and Blender, but from Blender I understand it was removed. I would like to know what other software is available. And is it possible, for example, with native or custom GCC/LLVM (e.g. AOMP), to compile packages using AMD HSA? Maybe even in combination of AOMP + OpenMP. Or Pocl + your option.

P.S. Arch Linux + Kaveri 7850K if important

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