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Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

#RyzenSuperfan  #Sweepstakes Thank you again for the great AMDsuperfanVLAN last night! Unfortunately we had a heck of a Nor'easter Storm with torrential rains and Wicked high Winds so we lost power about 1/2 way thru the VLAN. But with my LG tracfone , it's 3 inch screen  and a couple of my Vape Batteries used as power packs I was able to watch the rest of the @AMDGaming Stream! I hope that qualifies me as a Superfan! This was my Third AMD VLAN and I already look forward to the next. #AMDGaming #redteam #ryzenhype #betterred DSC01323.JPG

Adept II

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

What does it mean being an AMDSuperFan?

Guess for me it means being a moderator on twitch & discord for AMD and for a few community members on their twitch streams as well. I may not have the fund to buy a fancy new rig, but I've got time and I enjoy spending it with the community and trying to see things run a little smoother all around. It's fun to contribute in a small way when we have giveaways and someone gets to take home a new part or even system and stream/play/work with it. Connecting to people and listen to their stories and experiences, maybe help with PC troubles or guide them to those that really breathe tech and can turn a frustrating PC into a well-oiled machine with a few well-placed questions and a lot of know-how.

So this is me (well, my right hand anyway) around 8 hours into the last VLAN, happily moderating along. Running an old i5 with a new rx570 nitro+. On one monitor. It works for me. An upgrade to Ryzen would be nice, no argument. AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes



Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Woot! I've been a huge fan of Ryzen and an even bigger fan of AMD for a long time now. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a participant in the AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes

#RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes



Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Ryzen has been an amazing product.  Something that runs so divine, deserves and appropriate temple!   #Sweepstakes


Adept I

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

I'm a #RyzenSuperfan because I love you guys so much that I recommend Ryzen to absolutely everyone! I love my Ryzen 5 1400! #Sweepstakes


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Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

20180305_211358.jpgI love AMD!!! #Sweepstakes


Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

My #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes entry was a labor of love.



Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

#RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Such a small thing but it means a lot to me. Wish we could get a full custom key for R for a mechanical keyboard.


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Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!


Always an AMD fan. Even if I don't win this I'm hoping to get myself a new Ryzen build to replace my ded desktop. ❤️ #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes

Adept II

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Here’s a little video I made for the #RyzenSuperFan #Sweepstakes

Original video can be found Here: Ryzen Superfan SuperBen - YouTube