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AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Just one year ago, Ryzen processors made their journey into computers everywhere. The outpouring of support, excitement, and passion has been nothing short of exceptional. It has been positively SUPER to have FANS like you, so we want you to have the opportunity to share that feeling as best you can!

Starting March 2nd at 9AM CT / 3PM GMT, we’re kicking off the AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes! Share a picture or video expressing while you’re the one, true Ryzen Superfan here on this post with hashtags #RyzenSuperfan and #Sweepstakes in your post! Your energy and creativity is what we want to support with high-performance computing, so show us what you can do!

The entry period ends on March 16th at 3:30PM CT / 9:30PM GMT. Get those creative juices flowing! There’s no need to purchase anything and winners will be chosen at random. Also, you need at least 3 followers on the forums, so you may want to ride the Follow Train! Some restrictions do apply, so take a good look at the rules to ensure your best chance at winning.

We cannot wait to see what AMD and Ryzen means to you because your support means so much to us!


CONGRATS ozsiix​!

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Adept III

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

I still need to get my grubby hands on a 1800 x thanks for the chance #RyzenSuperfan and # Sweepstakes20180302_113505.jpg


Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes! no doubt in my mind Ryzen  wins hands down even peanut thinks so #RyzenSuperfan and #Sweepstakes


Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Well, what's a better mark of a superfan than one that was at the New Horizons event that kicked off this crazy wave of Ryzen domination? Truly honored to have been there, meeting so many of the people that were instrumental in the development of Ryzen. In honor of the launch I changed my last name on Facebook to Ryzen-Jones, and its still there a year later. Here's to the future generations of Ryzen processors!

#RyzenSuperfan  #Sweepstakes




Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

I am the truest #RyzenSuperfan because I am willing to wrestle this monstrous beast to get an entry into this #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes.
Look at this vicious animal! Who else is brave enough!?!?!



Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

This picture if from my work desk #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes

Even my assigned MBP has a AMD Radeon R9 M370X.


Adept I

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

20171231_122113.jpg#RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes

Adept I

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes


Adept II

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Thanks for this giveaway AMD #RyzenSuperfan and #Sweepstakes.

Well as you see here ... nice newer tower ... but 5 year old componets in it that I tax gaming, video rendering & mega tasking. (AMD FX 8350, Asus M5A99X EVO rev.2, 16 gigs DDR3 1600 & Gigabyte windforce radeon 280X)

I'be been a loyal supporter of the brand ever since the 486 & Ati days of the 2 companies ... the prize would help me to FINALLY move away from this aged platform into a more current one that would also help me tremendously with the things I do online & offline.

Again .. thank you & good luck all !!


Adept II

Re: AMD #RyzenSuperfan #Sweepstakes!

Sporting the new swag shirt with my Dell PC and my other PC with RX 580 8GB gpu, maybe soon to be a Ryzen PC once I get a bracket, RAM, and a cooler for it. I love you guys for being so awesome and doing things like this for the community. 20180302_192241.jpg