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AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs from the foundries. Based on the information from Zauba, it seems to be two different Polaris chips/families, each with 2 different SKUs/GPUs. Total of 4 new Polaris GPUs. The one with the biggest value is the full Polaris while the other one is the same Polaris GPU but with some shaders/cores disabled.

Polaris chip #1:

GPU #1: Board number: C981

This one is the full chip

GPU #2: Board number: C980.

Based on the value and the board number I would guess that this one is the same as above but have some shaders/cores disabled. Like Fury X and Fury.

Polaris chip #2:

GPU #3: Board number: C924

Full chip

GPU #4: Board number: C913

Disabled shaders/cores

Earlier GPUs:

Fury X.

Board number: C880

Fury X2.

Board number: C888

R9 200/300 series: Board number C6xx and C7xxx.


If you are unsure about board numbers, TechPowerUp have a good database where you can search around


200/300 series have these board numbers: 6xx and 7xx.

Fiji have: 8xx.

Looks like AMD will be first to market with the next generation after all

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Adept I

Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

Sweet! Finally i been waitting for all the 2016 new develop chip to hit the mayket since last year lol i can not wait till is in full throttl! Go AMD! finally I could get what is really worth instead of paying other company that rip me off simply by buying off company and limit what AMD can do in reality.

Adept II

Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

This is good news! keep the battle up.

Journeyman III

Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

I'm so hyped for this year.
Polaris, Zen, Mantle 2.0 (DX12) and VR.

Some big steps being taken and I can't wait.


Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

True, true, Polaris and Zen are my 2 personal most anticipated technology news this year.

I just don't know if I am going to build my new PC using Zen CPU or Zen APU. Those APU units will rock when being used on DX12 systems with Polaris. I guess time will tell.

Adept II

Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs


Yes and no for the APUs as by the sounds of it? They will rely on Explicit Multi-Adapter in order to function properly with a discrete GPU or maybe fall back on implicit multi-adapter (AMD's CrossFire) in order to try and achieve Hybird Crossfire as we have seen in the past with APUs and R7 Radeon discrete GPUs... it's still too early to tell if explicit multi-adapter will gain in popularity and AMD CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI essentially becoming a thing of the past... but I definitely have fingers crossed as it would mean better Multi-GPU support across the board instead of just for specialized setups.

Ashes of the Singularity would be the most obvious point of reference right meow as explicit multi-adapter is supported in Dx12 for example... but it doesn't work unless game developers add support for it, much like the current struggle with AMD CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI where we have to hope that game developers add support for this optional tech and then driver updates come out with CF/SLI profiles. In the case of the upcoming AOTS patch that adds explicit multi-adapter support? There shouldn't be a need for specialized drivers as it is the game telling each GPU specifically what to load and render.


Re: AMD have begun shipping Polaris GPUs

I may be wrong, I am not that skilled in computer hardware but as far as I know this is a new thing and it's not the same thing as old APUs with R7. The old one worked more or less like crossfire because they had similar graphic core but this DX12 setup should work with any GPU configuration which means that it should survive potential upgrade when you change one of the components. Not to mention that the power requirements and thermal solution for the APUs are much more manageable than second dedicated GPU. The performance is lower than crossfire but it's a free performance when software / games start to use this technology. It should also be possible to use this alongside of crossfire configuration.