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AMD Firestrike Performance/Extreme/Ultra Scores

UPDATE: Due to time constraints I'm closing this thread down but cavemanthe0ne​ has started a new thread over here: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance/Extreme/Ultra Scores V2 So please post all your scores over there from now on

Thought for the overclockers and tweakers among us we might have a benchmark thread to post some scores and have some fun with.

Now this is just for fun, leave your e-peen at the door on the way in ok?

Rules are simple:

You MUST use a Radeon GPU.

To submit a score you need to make your post like this:

Username--CPU--GPU--Overall Score--Test

Link To the Result on

For Example:

Sgt Bilko--FX-9590--R9 295x2--12973--Firestrike Performance

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 video card benchmark result - AMD FX-9590,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. CROSSHAIR V FORM...

Sgt Bilko--FX-8350--Crossfire R9 290--9136--Firestrike Extreme

Update: I've added Firestrike Extreme and Ultra to the board as well so when you make your submission can you please add which test it is as well?

I will try and keep this as up to date as i can

Firestrike Scores:


CPUGPU(s)Overall Score
Graphics ScorePhysics ScoreProof
AMDMatti7-5960xQuadfire Fury X361756351323992Link
Canis-Xi7-5960xTrifire R9 290x284694054422913Link
Sgt Bilkoi7 6700kR9 295x2 + R9 390x230603900613949Link
Sgt Bilkoi7-6700kR9 295x2196612819313675Link
Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 290192632939812229Link
Rob27shredi7-6700kR9 390 + R9 290x191832595514713Link
Richki7-5960xR9 295x2187962396519125Link
Sgt Bilkoi5-6600kR9 295x2186932835110007Link
desol007i7-4770kCrossfire R9 290182122586313017Link
friedchickenflui7-4790kCrossfire R9 390x177822606711992Link
Wardzoni7-5820kR9 Fury X149671703417578Link
colesdavi7-4770kCrossfire HD 7970149662151411845Link
Sgt Bilkoi7-6700kR9 Fury147881719114957Link
Garwynni7-5960xR9 Fury X142701607519759Link
Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x14224279589412Link
aarredteamFX-9590Quadfire R9 290x14088291829112Link
Shane HeraldFX-8350Crossfire R9 39014067270159508Link
4MonkeysFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x13922268839718Link
MedallishFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x13689268859239Link
Sgt BilkoFX-8350Crossfire R9 290135202388410185Link
Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x213518244579649Link
SavageBeastZeroFX-8320Crossfire R9 29013411252339305Link
TheFuzz1542FX-9370Crossfire R9 290x13255237409542Link
Olly87FX-8350R9 295x213399237009810Link
dmatthewstewartFX-8350Crossfire R9 290x13363258649187Link
JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x21325723228
Holdmecloseri7-4770kCrossfire R9 280x130311739911649Link
Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano129281536513213Link
BoingBalli7-6700kR9 Fury127371501113619Link
SgtT8iei7-4770R9 Nano126581534511324Link
Sgt Bilkoi7 6700kR9 390x125531472813497Link
ElpuertorroFX-8350Crossfire R9 29012373223459293Link
GakaGammyFX-9590Crossfire R9 29012242232408129Link
EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 Fury120321473210683Link
KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x117041392112242Link
ElpuertorroFX-8350Crossfire R9 28011273188808565Link
Cavemanthe0nei7 3970xR9 390110151252414303Link
Blazeri7-3770kCrossfire R9 280x10655147087571Link
Holdmecloseri7-4770kR9 290x105681281410377Link
Boingballi7-950R9 Fury10475146227959Link
dmatthewstewartFX-8350R9 290x10127142169041Link
1337CammyFX-9370R9 Fury X10043157527855Link
Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x9910119899686Link
Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x29863199475612Link
NwowwFX-8350Crossfire R9 280x9759146248009Link
Stoggy28FX-8350R9 2909640131989170Link
1337CammyFX-8350R9 Fury X9461157687676Link
EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 29094571109610598Link
ElpuertorroFX-8350Crossfire HD 78709013121988862Link
ScyborgFX-8350Crossfire R9 270x8985115859756Link
HumbugFX-9590R9 2908703117298709Link
KingCryi7-4770kHD 69508537966811983Link
Lockheed LovelockFX-8350R9 2908478113517823Link
ElpuertorroFX-6300Crossfire HD 78708381116857552Link
Adr_TechFX-8370R9 2908312109827810Link
GakaGammyFX-8310R9 2908353119787698Link
Cavemanthe0nei7-3930kFirepro W81008251899714845Link
KhvarrioirenFX-6300R8 280x782998477869Link
Storm1978FX-8320R9 2907794119579629Link
iwalkwiththedeadFX-9590R9 285727186308385Link
Charles4691i7-4770kHD 7970 Ghz6829749511989Link
Benman2785FX-8150HD 7970653079687238Link
Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950635673818099Link
JakeshiFX-8350R9 270x592468077695Link
Boingballi7-950HD 7950580865417905Link
KurimXeon E3-1275 v3R9 270x5615620510504Link
Cavemanthe0nei7-3970xR9 2705137549413975Link
DirtyprankFX-6300R9 270x493758825651Link
TecnickFX-6300HD 7870490959175277Link
EazyDozerXeon E3-1280 v3HD 78504607500110460Link
KingCryi7-4770kHD 69503869399412680Link
EazyDozerFX-8350HD 6950322533577560Link
EazyDozerPhenom II X6 1055THD 6870267328255965Link
Cavemanthe0nei7-3970xHD 59702600269014064Link
BoingballA8-7600Crossfire R7 250229829394064Link
Sgt BilkoA10-7870kRadeon R7 (iGPU)209323305655Link
Sgt BilkoA10-7850kRadeon R7 (iGPU)179119565121Link
Cavemanthe0nei7-3970xHD 6670 Crossfire1626165813805Link
ftiFX-6300HD 6670132713608019Link

Firestrike Extreme Scores:

UsernameCPUGPU(s)Overall ScoreGraphics ScorePhysics ScoreProof
Canis-Xi7-5960xTrifire R9 290x156191852722857Link
aarredteamFX-9590Quadfire R9 290x12337206909149Link​
Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 290111251313212254Link
4MonkeysFX-9590R9 295x2 + R9 290x10915157559724Link
JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x2 + R9 290x9799138399316Link
desol007i7-4770kCrossfire R9 29097711134212987Link
Sgt BilkoFX-8350Crossfire R9 29091631142010160Link
SavageBeastZeroFX-8320Crossfire R9 2908736111249248Link
GakaGammyFX-9590Crossfire R9 2908232103678380Link
Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x2697599805357Link
Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano6779720913234Link
Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 290x6109688110061Link
KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x5890624911813Link
Cavemanthe0nei7 3970xR9 3905557578814028Link
GakaGammyFX-8310R9 290504254857720Link
Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x503553539664Link
KingCryi7-4770kR9 2804230440412093Link
KhvarrioirenFX-6300R9 280x418645027833Link
Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950324733808087Link
KingCryi7-4770kHD 69502055203112676Link

Firestrike Ultra Scores:

Overall Score
Graphics Score
Physics ScoreProof
Sgt BilkoFX-9590R9 295x2 + Crossfire R9 290911510932


Canis-Xi7-5960xTrifire R9 290x8784924522741Link
aarredteamFX-9590Quadfire R9 290x8382103129094Link​
4MonkeysFX-9590R95x2 + R9 290x708079299535Link
JackalopeaterFX-8350R9 295x2 + R9 290x635872759327Link
Zealotki11eri7-3770kR9 290x + R9 2906203647912301Link
SavageBeastZeroFX-8320Crossfire R9 290530156209220Link
GakaGammyFX-9590Crossfire R9 290485751598130Link
Sgt BilkoA10-7850kR9 295x2456350265624Link
Nathan Jarmani7-6700kR9 Nano3647361713228Link
EazyDozeri7-4770kR9 Fury3605361210772Link
KingCryi7-4770kR9 290x3139309012302Link
Dirtypranki7-3820R9 290x273027049707Link
HumbugFX-8350R9 290267526518614Link
KhvarrioirenFX-6300R9 280x229623117279Link
KingCryi7-4770kR9 2802292224912023Link
Davies_85FX-8320HD 7950163015697862Link
260 Replies
Adept III

Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores


Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores


Adept I

Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

Woo I can be number one for a short short while

*borrowing Jakcalopeaters text format*

Medallish/Atracanis--FX-9590--MSI Lightning R9 290X & XFX R9 295X2--13689
AMD Radeon R9 290X video card benchmark result - AMD FX-9590,ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. CROSSHAIR V FORMU...

Driver is 15.5b

Realized the user is called Atracanis it's my gaming nick as Medallish was something I made up when I was a kid and was good only because no one else uses it

So the best proof I have is this URL and the name it has used for a long time now
Steam Community :: AtraCanis

Adept I

Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

Man I've been quite unlucky with my FX-9590 it seems, I simply can't push it past stock, and it's not a cooling issue, I'm quite envious of your 8350


Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores


Jelly of that Lightning you got there

Adept I

Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

Thanks! I have always been madly in love with that card and bought it some time ago over-engineering at it's best , then the 295x2's started getting really attractive in price and I ended up with both, decided not to mix them as I weren't sure if it would work well in crossfire, but then I had a little extra free time and decided to give it a go, so far so good, I just need to figure out why my CPU can't overclock.


Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

Yep, it's a beautiful card to say the least.

That's the really great thing about Crossfire tbh, I could take a 295x2, R9 290x and an R9 290, throw them all in and they'd all work together, i even did some Quadfire benches with the 295x2 and 2 x R9 290's.....performance is simply beautiful


Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

iwalkwithedead--FX-9590--R9 285 ITX--7271

CPU: Stock Clocks

GPU: 1045/1450 (Stock 928/1375)

Adept I

Re: AMD Red Team Firestrike Performance Scores

RichK--Intel Core i7-5960X--R9 295x2--18796

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-5960X,ASRock X99X Killer

I know, I know the CPU but I want to suck every ounce of power out of the 295x2, I felt bad pulling my 8350