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Suggestion for your upcoming DRAM overclocking software: windows BCD badmemorylist


DRAM is only as fast as the slowest memory cell/s and, from my reading, the remaining cells are capable of MUCH faster speeds than what that slow/bad memory cell/s is capable of.

It's possible to disable the bad/slow memory address/s using this driver to add entry/s to badmemorylist on the {badmemory} section of the windows BCD: using this driver:

IMHO overclockers and tweakers will gladly give up a small amount of memory capacity for far greater memory speed.  I certainly would!
So I suggest you/AMD look at incorporating this functionality into your upcoming memory OCing app.

Plz do pass this along to the relevant developers, whoever they may be..?

You might also look at extending StoreMI's functionality and competing with Intel's Optane caching by looking at prsyahmi's GpuRamDrive as a starting point. (same author)

NB that the above version does NOT work on AMD cards.
Here's a version that does:

eBoostr (File Aware, specifiable  Caching)  will give you an idea of how well it might work. 
It's still available here and 'free' for 2 hours:

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