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Journeyman III

Is there API access to DisplayPort management?

I'm doing a feasibility investigation in creating a DisplayPort video capture device using a FPGA as the DisplayPort sink. I'm primarily a hardware/FPGA designer and not a Windows driver developer, so this question might seem basic to software developers.  

This particular implementation requires some communication through the DisplayPort HPD (hot plug detection) interrupt.  Specifically the "SINK_SPECIFIC_IRQ" defined in the VESA DisplayPort specification.  This interrupt needs to be serviced to eventually get to a normal Windows application that will read some I2C application specific status registers mapped through the DisplayPort AUX channel.  I'm totally unfamiliar with the Windows OS/driver stack.  I assume that Windows somehow presents the HPD interrupt to the AMD video card driver, and that any application would  have to go through a video card driver API.  Is this correct, or is this directly presented via a Windows API?  A pointer to the appropriate AMD driver developer documentation or Windows development documentation would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Steven Fong.

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