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Adept III

AMDGPU VEGA hot spot temperature

Hi. I made simple patch for AMDGPU driver that adds additional temperature sensors for the VEGA graphics card:

main graphics card temperature (temp2_input) and the GPU hot spot temperature (temp2_input).

Link: GitHub - matszpk/amdgpu-vega-hotspot: Patch that adds the main and hot spot temperature sensors (for...

Now is possible to read the VEGA GPU hot spot temperature from Linux. Before this patch, only the AMDGPU-PRO drivers read VEGA hot spot (very likely) temperature. This patch has been made for anybody, who need better thermal control for own VEGA graphics card. Under Windows, some utilities reports a VEGA hot spot temperature (like GPU-Z) but not the official driver control panel.

EDIT: Now, current version add only one temperature: hot spot.

EDIT2: Add ASIC_MAX (hot spot) to all graphics cards.

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