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Adept I

AMD Radeon DSP

Hi folks, I've been looking at how True Audio Next could be implemented, and as the specification indicates that it uses the GPU to be implemented as Ray Tracing, I was wondering how to use audio for professional productions.

Since the company has the world's leading FPGA designer in its hands, I would like to present an idea that could completely change the multimedia industry.

AMD Radeon DSP.png

Is it possible that FPGAs or DSPs can communicate within the die of a GPU and store data in the same GDDR memory?

I would love to have a product like this in my hands.

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Adept I
Adept I

Re: AMD Radeon DSP

Update 1

Support for running industry-standard VST3 (.vst3) virtual instruments and effects for large-scale multimedia projects such as multi-camera editing, particle effects, styles and filters, and with over 50 multi-effect audio tracks each one, all in real time without hurting the CPU, ideal workflows for the film industry.

Software that allow this workflow simultaneously:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
  • MAGIX Video Pro X
  • Wondershare FilmoraPro

Developers of industry standard VST3 compliant audio plug-ins

  1. Antares -
  2. Arturia -
  3. Blue Cat Audio -
  4. FabFilter -
  5. Izotope -
  6. Native Instruments -
  7. Nomad Factory -
  8. Nugen Audio -
  9. Softube -
  10. Waves -

Complete List VST3 Plugins Effects

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