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So AMD'S GPU AND CPU APU Whatever they are are a little messy. I see AMD as a company that is losing profit pretty fast considering they haven't  really "Innovated" anything new Other than the fury, But what are the chances that's a Recycled GPU.. Your APU'S complete garbage just stop.. You have way to much junk in development.. just stop.. and um Yeah maybe try a little real innovating and you will get somewhere. Kind Regards Nvida people'z/ Old AMD user's

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I have to admit that I am pretty cheesed off at AMD at the moment (see my post, "Not a happy camper") however this post of yours is totally unwarranted.

Seriously, "Nvida"? It's "Nvidia". Give you a little helping hand, because orthography is obviously not your strongest suit, spell-checking doesn't just involve moving your lips when you read.

Not everyone either needs or wants the highest framerates possible on COD, or, to put it another way, not everyone wants or needs to be a violin prodigy, some just want to push air through a trombone.

AMD is not my go-to CPU/APU by any means, I have however recently had occasion to build systems which did not entail considerations of gaming performance or the pinnacle of single core/multicore throughput.

I've recently put together a Mini ITX system for someone.

I listened to what the person wanted and then decided how best to go about picking the parts.

I looked at a number of potential cases for the system and I found my "perfect" case for the build in the Corsair Obsidian Series 250D. The main reason was the fact that I could fit a 200mm fan into the front.

This was important to me, because of the small size of an mITX case it needs a large volume of air going through it to keep the system components cool from a limited amount of fans. I couldn't achieve this with a 120mm or 140mm fan spinning like mad and creating a lot of noise compared with a 200mm fan running silently even at full whack.

I like the Corsair AIO watercoolers I didn't see how I could justify it in the build I was planning. I did not want any dead pockets where heat could build up. With the overpressure from the 200mm fan in the front and the Noctua circulating the air around inside the case I think that was the better solution.

I am not someone who would look to AMD as my first choice of CPU (or in this case APU); however for his requirements (yes he wanted WiFi and was ecstatic when I told him it had Bluetooth as well) and for the price, Intel just has nothing to offer.

All my builds start with the PSU and I told him that unless I could budget for a good PSU it would be a deal-breaker.

I had some RAM to recycle so I decided to give him that for free because he has done me some favours in the past:

Case: Corsair 250D £74.99

PSU: Super Flower Leadex Platinum 550W £88.03

Mobo: GigaByte GA-F2A88XN-WIFI £71.97

CPU:AMD A10-7870K Black Edition £106.32

Cooler: Noctua NH-L12 £41.00

SSD :Crucial MX200 250GB £76.98

RAM (Normally £78) Free

Having built it, installed it and set it up, I didn't want to let him have it. I said to him, "You realise this is much too good for you" (and I was only half joking when I said it).

For the foreseeable future (four or five years) what I put together for him will more than satisfy his needs.

Yes he did whinge about the colour of the Noctua fans (which you can see through the top window) and I told him that I couldn't care less - it was a case of mind over matter, I didn't mind and he didn't matter.

Even putting your ear to the case you just cannot tell whether the system is running or not.

I chose the components to harmonise and I am not wedded to Intel. Intel for this build did not offer an alternative, where I could justify the price for the performance.

In my case (pardon the pun) Nvidia had nothing whatsoever to offer me with regard to building the system.

If you are a one trick pony and will not take AMD into consideration under any circumstances then you might just find yourself putting out a gelding to stud.