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Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes: April – Be quiet! Shadow Base 800DX Midi-Tower



Let’s keep going, Red Team!

For April, a Be quiet! Shadow Base 800DX Midi-Tower is up for grabs!

Entering is easy!

 All you have to do is answer one simple question for me…

If applicable, which AI tool are you using or planning to use, and why? (i.e., Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, ChatGPT, DALL-E, etc.) 

That’s it. Just click on the Reply button!


The April Sweepstakes Entry Period opens on Monday, April 1, 2024, at 12:00 P.M. Central Time. Entries must be submitted by Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 12:00 P.M. Central Time. Read the Official Rules for more information and key dates.

Your biggest fan!
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274 Replies

i only just started using copilot...cause it popped up on my W11 taskbar lol. I have been using chatgpt. Comparing the two the answers seem similar. 


AI scares me. I avoid it at all costs.

Performance over Pretty.
Adept I

I don't normally use any AI software, but Copilot is the only one allowed by my company so I use it the most.

Adept II

Copilot only because Microsoft is forcing it on Windows/Edge users whether we want it or not.

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Journeyman III

I would use DALL-E and create wonderfully wacky and crazy images that can be almost unique depending on your imagination.

Copilot hands down. With integration to Windows, allowing niche features like turning on dark mode. I guess its a weird answer since it uses DALLE and GPT, right 

Journeyman III

I currently use ChatGPT almost daily. I am looking forward to Google Gemini and Microsoft Copilot to become better to use them daily as well

Journeyman III

I plan on using ChatGPT for help with ideas for content creation once I get a pc

Journeyman III

Don't intend to use AI until it stops hallucinating, I don't trust myself to be constantly aware and looking for mistakes in well formatted output.

Journeyman III

I’ll be trying co-pilot in the near future…


I don't use AI, I remember when taking Master's courses- people would try to use chat gpt and their responses looked horrible. Not Human-like

Journeyman III

I'm using gemini and dall-e on a daily to work on my creativity in my job ! (Safety related)

Journeyman III

I've tried Gemini, ChatGPT and Copilot. I typically stick with Gemini because I found it works best for my workflows. I'm heavily invested in the Google ecosystem.

Journeyman III

I have a hobby that sometimes requires writing an essay-type response. I use chatgpt to spur ideas, usually asking a couple different times in different ways. I see what it comes up with and use those ideas in my own way. It's great for writer's block too.

Journeyman III

I will use Copilot as it's become my go-to. Very easy to use, smart, and fun to mess with. 

Journeyman III

It has to be Copilot / Bing Chat for me...
I am an excel guy and although i can write the formula's manually and code the VB scripts i need Copilot just does it faster. SO USEFUL!!!

Journeyman III

I used a Stable Diffision tool to generate my Twitter profile picture but other than that I don't use or really plan to use any AI tools in the forseeable future. Past that, we'll see.

Journeyman III

I've been playing around with several, ChatGPT, Googles Gemeni, ComfyUI, Midjourney, I'll keep playing with our future overlords until they eventually replace us.


Definitely chatgpt.

Adept I

Definitely ChatGPT. It’s easy to use and has been godsend for bring information together to make it easier to do school work. Have been using it to gather information to further expand on it for school assignments. It’s been amazing!

Journeyman III

I haven’t dabbled with AI yet, but if and when I do it’ll be ChatGPT I think.

Adept III

Taking the cautious approach and as usual will stand back and wait for it to mature... If the robots haven't taken over yet

Journeyman III

Generally Bing chat because it's right in browser and fast to access

Journeyman III

Mixture of Gemini, mostly personal use, and Copilot, for integration with development tools at work.

Adept III

Bing because didn't have to give it a phone number to use it.


Adept I

I only use the copilot/chatgpt in microsoft edge after i don't find the answers i want from google search

Journeyman III

I use ChatGPT. I've only recently heard of a lot of the other ones so I don't know the difference. But I do use ChatGPT quite a bit. I use it to help plan out short stories and to generate images of settings and characters and things to help me visualize what it is I'm writing about. I also use it for brainstorming for essays and projects at school.

Journeyman III

Opera GX Aria and Flot.Ai have been my go to recently! Aria is just so convenient when it's baked into the browser and is also equally convenient since it can pop up anywhere

Adept III

Unless it happens to be built in  to my browsers somehow, I'm not using any AI.

It seems odd that the well publicized mistakes of the earlier editions could even be made.

I suppose they will get much more accurate and trustworthy as time goes on.

A lot of responses show that folks seem to be using AI frequently, so I guess it is getting better.  

Maybe go with 'Grok' - Isn't that X's brand?

Journeyman III

I'm not a fan of AI tools, but if I had to use one it would probably be an open source community driven AI.

Journeyman III

Copilot for its convenience since I use Edge quite a bit nowadays.

Journeyman III

Definitely use Bing's co-pilot the most for the rewards

Journeyman III

Microsoft copilot, because it’s convenient and user friendly! I hope I win! 🤞❤️

Journeyman III

To be honest I’m only familiar with ChatGPT and I use it to help me with my homework. I’m open to try more AI tools in the future because it looks so simple and easy.

Journeyman III

recently chatGPT for brainstorming purposes and gathering some information.

Journeyman III

While everything is collecting information, I would still probably feel like I would use Chat GPT and DALL-E more than any other AI. While it is out of the way, I feel like using Microsoft's and Google's AI is only allowing them to collect more information on me. Again, while this might be totally wrong, I prefer living behind that veil for now. 

Journeyman III

Am PC benutze ich Chat GPT und am Handy möchte ich Gemini nutzen da ich eh ein Pixel benutze.


Adept I

I'll probably start with Microsoft Co pilot to get a feel for gen AI. It's right there on my toolbar and no further registration. 

Journeyman III

I have used copilot and chatgpt. I prefer copilot when asking questions that have an image as a prompt, otherwise chatgpt seems to have better, straightforward answers for help with coding, general questions, etc. However, they all still feel limited and sometimes need a very specific prompt to get the exact answer I am looking for.

Journeyman III

I don't really need an AI tool for my typical everyday use but in the rare times I do, I guess I have used Microsoft Copilot tiny slightly more than the others but have used Google Gemini and ChatGPT.