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Monthly Sweepstakes – Winners 2023

Hey Red Team!

This is where we’ll post the winner for each month of the Red Team Monthly Sweepstakes. If you would like a chance at winning, check out how to enter here.


Monthly Sweepstakes Winners



January @TR2 
February @elstaci 
March @tasnx3 
April @tekasza 
May @iafbt 
June @joebangles 
July @spinalfailed 
August @Rubeerology 
September @Goobernaculum
October @warpfact0r10 
November @FunkZ 
December @ardankyaosen 


Good luck everyone! 

~ Amber 🙂 

PS. [January 11, 2024] - With @ardankyaosen winning the Dec sweeps, we have officially finished the 2023 Red Team Monthly Sweeps! Congratulations to all the winners! 

Your friend at AMD
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Post has been updated with your name! Bragging rights are OPEN

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord

What it most feel to win! I think my heart would stop beating for a while, or many even for ever!

Asus ZenBook UX407IQ, Ryzen 5 4500u with Radeon graphics, Nvidia mx350, 8gb LPDDR4X ram, Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb SSD, Win11 home

Congratulations @spinalfailed.  Game on!

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".
Adept I

Good luck for everyone, have fun!

Adept II

Several different flight simulators is where I find my kind of fun!  😎

Adept II

I can't win yet, but can wish all those good luck.

Adept I

I wish the giveaways were worldwide. 😞

Congrats to the winners, hope you'll take good care of your amd hardware


@Amber_AMD Amber!  The under-geared masses humbly await your August blessing... (1).gif


Too Many CPUs & GPUs to list...

LOL! I'm waiting for the winner to respond to my email. If they don't have to redraw. Stay tuned!! 

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord

"Frantically checks SPAM folder"...

Too Many CPUs & GPUs to list...
Adept II


Hey there AMD Mods and Friends!

I got an email from '' with a PDF file to fill out -

as a Red Team Winner of August?

is that legitimate? if it's not - how did the person who emailed me know my name / email and Red Team August entry - if that's all under 'private stats' in my AMD profile section? 

They're community managers... They get to see that stuff. Once you join the "Cool Kids Club" you'll get access to DMs, and then the email is irrelevant.

But congrats on the prize, dude.

Performance over Pretty.

Hi @Rubeerology - That email came from me! Congratulations, friend 🙂 

You can see that it's our official email handle on the rules here:

Please be sure to fill out the form and respond to the email as soon as possible so we can ship your winning prize 🙂 

Your friend at AMD
PC specs | Twitter | Red Team Discord

LOL unreal! haha

I didn't believe it i was so shocked xD sorry bout that haha

I replied with the necessary info the same day I got it - I truly appreciate it!

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity! AMD ROCKS!


Too Many CPUs & GPUs to list...

sent it 4-5 times and one with my second yahoo email - the PDF isn't reaching your end it seems so i put a picture of the document with the attachment - hope the JPG is honored ! rock on!


looks like you won. Congrats

Adept II

So, who won in August? I'm only asking because the CPU reqs for the Cyberpunk DLC have me scared.

7600X CPU, B650 Mobo, RTX 4090
Adept III

unfortunately this are just for USA and Canada , so no chance for all of us to win something

Ryzen 7 5800x3D - Powercolor RX6800XT Red Devil - 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX - MSI x470 gaming plus - Win10 - AMD A10-7850K - 16Gb PowerColor RedDevil RX580 8GB and also Phenom 9950 Black Edition 8gb Ram - HD7870 2GB
Adept I

Congrats to the winners!

Adept II

Congrats to all the winners .... but look out ....Ill be next or very soon !

That's what I've been saying since I join!

Asus ZenBook UX407IQ, Ryzen 5 4500u with Radeon graphics, Nvidia mx350, 8gb LPDDR4X ram, Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb SSD, Win11 home
Adept III

Congratulations to all winners! 

Adept I

Congratulations to all the winners of the Monthly Sweepstakes in 2023! Your dedication and participation have truly paid off, and it's incredible to see so many people benefiting from these fantastic prizes. Each month, your enthusiasm and engagement have made this sweepstakes an exciting event, and it's wonderful to witness the joy and excitement of the winners. Here's to more opportunities and exciting chances in the upcoming months – keep participating and good luck to everyone!images.jpg


Adept I

Thanks so much for hosting these contests! Good luck to everyone!

Adept I

I'm glad AMD keeps hosting these monthly sweepstakes giving us all a chance 🙂
I wish everyone else good luck as well this month!

Adept I

Winning would feel great. If it’s ever me, I will humbly rub it in. 

Adept I

Yoo, yall should make a AMD magnet for the size of a pc case so I dont have to worry about a sticker not coming off



Thank you AMD Red Team for the awesome 2023 Sweepstakes prizes!

Out with the old... in with the new.


Ryzen R7 5700X | B550 Gaming X | 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 | Radeon RX 7900XT
Adept III

I await who won December, figure tuesday since holiday weekend *fingers crossed*

December winner?


It turns out that I'm the December winner!  Yay!  (thanks Sam, Amber and the rest of the Red Team).  I got the PM here and an email about it yesterday, filled out the form and submitted it.  According to Sam_AMD, the 5800X3D should be shipping out sometime today (more Yays!).  At a guess, I'd say they might have had to redraw because of problems with the previous winner(s).

Grats i had my fingers crossed and i was wondering the same thing



Since the actual contest thread is locked, let me put in a photo of my prizes for winning the December 2023 drawing:  AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D, a neat hat and a dog tag.  Thanks again to the Red Team.  This is the best thing I've ever won.

My Prizes from the December 2023 ContestMy Prizes from the December 2023 Contest

That CPU is a BEAST. I picked one up back in early October and it's been an absolute MONSTER. You gonna LOVE it!

Performance over Pretty.