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Red Team Community Survey | March 15th – March 31st

As some of you know, we periodically gauge your interests by collecting your feedback through polls and surveys. To those who have participated in the past, thank you! It’s that time again, and we’ve put together a short, 5- to 10-minute survey for you to take so we can get your thoughts on what you’re enjoying most about the Red Team Community forum and where you’d like to see improvements.

Your feedback is valuable and helps us decide on catering content and any updates to your interests. The survey will run until March 31st, so please be sure to provide your feedback by then. Once the survey period is complete, our team will gather and review all the feedback to see how we can implement it into future content or initiatives.

Take the survey now.

As always, thanks so much for being a member of the Red Team Community. 😊

Your pals,

Amber, Sam, and Wally




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