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Adept I

CodeXL bugs and fixes on Debian and derivatives

I encountered the following bugs, which make CodeXL incompatible to debian (and many derivatives, including some versions of Ubuntu). The first one completely breaks CodeXL, but is very easy to fix.

-CodeXL should look in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ as well for all libraries it expects to be in /usr/lib64. Or it could just traverse the library paths (and make sure it doesn't accidentally try to load 32bit libs). Dynamic linking instead of loading at runtime would solve the problem more elegantly I guess, but I assume you have some good reason for not doing that.

-Setting the debug path in Tools-Options has no effect for me.

-the location of ldconfig is not necessarily in $PATH. You should probably add export PATH=$PATH:/sbin/:/bin/ to your CodeXL and CodeXLAnalyzer scripts. I get an error with CodeXLAnalyzer if I don't do that.