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The future is EPYC

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Almost one year ago, AMD stood on stage in Austin, Texas and proudly launched the AMD EPYC™ line of processors - it was a proud moment for me and the AMD team, as not only did we re-emerge in the datacenter market, but we launched a product that was true to the innovative heritage of AMD.

Our focus since that day has been to show customers all over the world the power and capability of this revolutionary product.  It’s been incredibly gratifying to see the momentum that is building in the market as a result.  From consumer retail to large cutting-edge research facilities, organizations of many backgrounds have begun the switch to AMD.

Today we are taking the next step in our journey with the AMD EPYC brand with an exciting new campaign. Much like the name itself and the strong visual identity we developed ahead of the product launch last year, we are going to be bold to drive discussion around the benefits of EPYC processor solutions and our product leadership.

As our director of brand, Nick Knupffer states, "The market desperately needed compelling competition and choice, but in the campaign, we show EPYC processors offer much more than that - more performance, more system resources, advanced security features, and more value than a competitive alternative. With such a powerful product offering and years of sector stagnation to disrupt, our campaign hits right at the heart of the matter. That means a bold, confident, and smart approach that steals attention and forces consideration."

There are going to be many different creative executions you will see in the coming weeks and months across multiple events and online.  Some of the first assets will highlight our leadership performance and differentiated features:


Others target our growing partner adoption:


We will also get a little provocative with the competition:


I have had the pleasure of presenting the campaign concepts to a range of audiences over the last few months: customers, analysts and ecosystem partners. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m looking forward to more of the creative reaching market over the coming weeks and months as EPYC processor adoption continues to grow.