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Industry’s First Enterprise-Class Single-Socket

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Competition in the datacenter processor market for the past few years has been limited, but the arrival of EPYC™ has changed that. We’ve had momentum with major customer wins, the ecosystem is rallying behind us, and killer product reviews showcase the performance of EPYC going head-to-head with Intel at the top of the processor stack and absolutely dominating in SPEC performance in the middle of the stack.

One of our key innovations has been the introduction of a true enterprise-class single-socket processor. For too long Intel has artificially limited the single-socket market to keep eyes and dollars focused on their two-socket offerings. However, over half of the systems that have been using Intel’s two-socket parts could have had their performance and feature needs better met if an unconstrained, datacenter-capable single-socket processor were available. Coming back into the market we have the freedom to disrupt and AMD’s no-compromise, single-socket capability is a true game changer for many workloads including virtualized storage, VM farms, and Web hosting.

Dell debuted its EPYC-based PowerEdge R7415 single-socket for storage and analytics applications that offers up to 20 percent lower total cost of ownership than the alternatives. ITPro recently put the R7415 through its paces, running single-socket EPYC solutions up against two-socket Intel solutions.  Concluding that it is a “serious alternative to more costly 2P Xeon SP servers” and “a great choice for datacenters that want a single socket rack server with support for up to 32 CPU cores, a high memory capacity and a sharp focus on storage-centric workloads.” When evaluating server options for the datacenter, the EPYC one-socket offering should be a serious contender because there are many use cases and workloads where it makes the most sense. An optimized 1P EPYC offering can pay huge dividends in storage and compute applications, digging in with more I/O, memory and saving holistically on total cost of ownership.

This week*, Dell Technologies will bring together all its brands and thousands of business and tech professionals for the massive Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. AMD will be there featured in several of Dell’s new platforms including their new single sockets (booth #705).  We couldn’t be more excited to participate and be able to showcase our highly scalable, single- and dual-socket servers. The Dell platforms leverage the high-performance EPYC 7000 series processors to deliver exceptional performance in key workloads like virtualized storage, cloud, and big data.

*Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse on 4/30/18.