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An Unforgettable Year: 365 Days of AMD EPYC

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One year ago, we launched the revolutionary AMD EPYC™ processor family into the market. It’s been an amazing year as AMD upended the status-quo in the server industry reintroducing innovation and choice to the datacenter.

EPYC brings a distinct advantage in both dual and single socket configurations, with up to 32 high-performance “Zen” cores, 8 memory channels and 128 lanes of PCIe available on all EPYC processors. EPYC delivers a leadership two-socket system that can compete with the best that the competition has to offer. Our no-compromise single-socket server processor allows customers to buy the right size and the right system for their workload without compromising on performance, reliability or features. Thus, ducking the constraints that force users of Intel-based systems into a two-socket server when a single-socket system would offer a better choice.

I am very proud of what we have accomplished the past 365 days, from setting world records in performance to winning a continuous stream of customer deployments.

Some of my favorite moments of this year include:

  • Participating in the launch event in 2017. Seeing the support from the ecosystem and all the companies that stood on stage with us, committing to AMD EPYC – HPE, Microsoft Azure, Dell Technologies, VMWare and Baidu - was truly awesome. Since then, we have 14 system partners in the market we have delivered with more than 50 different platforms, which will continue to grow.
  • Announcing the OEM deployments of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Dell EMC, SuperMicro, Cisco, Sugonand Lenovo. These server solutions demonstrate the flexibility of the single-socket and/or dual-socket designs offered by AMD EPYC, giving customers exceptional choice based on their performance needs and future scalability.
  • Seeing our single socket servers compete in the market and win over our customers previously forced into two-socket systems.
  • Joining forces with global supercomputer leader, Cray. EPYC processors are powering the new Cray CS500 cluster high performance computing (HPC) systems.
  • Seeing Microsoft Azure, Baiduand Tencent Cloud deploy AMD EPYC for public cloud instances for a variety of workloads like virtualization, AI and e-commerce.

We’re already taking great strides with the next-generation, 7nm AMD EPYC processor – codenamed “Rome” – which is up and running in AMD labs ahead of its launch in 2019. We are committed to this market for the long term, our product roadmap is on track, and we are engaged across the ecosystem to change the datacenter with EPYC. We deeply appreciate the ecosystem support and look forward to working with them to drive innovation in datacenter for years to come. The time is right for AMD and for our customers and partners.