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The First Radeon™ RX Vega Winners in the World

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[Originally posted on 09/01/17.]

They’re Radeon™ fans, they’re hardcore gamers and they’re enthusiast builders—and they’re the few lucky gamers who won a Radeon RX Vega and had one in their hands before anyone else.

From the massive Vega giveaway back in January and our RX Community Tour, four gamers opened their prize packages to see the glimmer of the silver-plated, liquid-cooled Radeon RX Vega 64.

We asked them how they felt about winning the Radeon RX Vega before the cards arrived at their doorstep, and they were eager to share their thoughts on the high-end graphics cards.


“The possibilities are endless. Thanks to Vega I can play smoothly in 4K but that’s the obvious part. Then I can choose a 4K monitor much easier because of the FreeSync support. Another thing that I would never try without a proper card is VR but now I have a reason to do that. There are just so many things I could write about and more after I try it with my new build.” –Yan Buyko, Hungary


“The most exciting thing about receiving a Radeon RX Vega card is being able to be a part of the technology wave that AMD has unleashed over the past few months. The disruption AMD is bringing to the video and computing arena brings much needed competition in both technology and pricing, it’s a great time to be an AMD fan.” –Breck Anderson, USA


“I am extremely excited about not only FINALLY building a computer of my own, but also building one with incredible VR capabilities! We will have a fantastic GPU that will be viable for many years to come and I will never have to borrow a computer again for PDX LAN!” –Ashley Bocaniciu, USA


“This is an amazing gift. I’m excited to new Radeon RX Vega graphics technology and performance. I can’t wait to unpack it. :)” –Mateusz Pokrywka, Poland

We love seeing gamers so thrilled. If you want to show off your rig, be sure to follow us on our social channels and tag us—we want to see your build!




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