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Radeon graphics powers Björk’s immersive VR experience

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The Björk Digital Exhibition and AMD working together on the Björk ‘NotGet’ video directed by Nick Thornton Jones and Warren du Preez

There is very little introduction needed for Björk. She is a singer and actress, but first and foremost, an artist. Art is the outlet to her imagination. We are provoked by it, inspired by it, and encouraged by it.

Bjork_PhotoCred_Santiago_Felipe.jpgBjörk’s ‘NotGet’ Digital Exhibition is a ‘first of its kind’ creative and technical partnership with AMD. It is a premium VR dive into an intimate performance of her most personal and emotionally swaying songs. The directors of Björk's first mixed reality feature Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones were able to utilize the latest reality capture, digital animation, games engine and playback technologies and techniques, affording Björk the broadest creative palette to draw from in this amazing new medium.

This immersive and interactive experience is powered by Radeon™ R9 390 graphics, which  paired with AMD LiquidVR™ technology enables full sense of “presence” that seems every bit as real as the physical world.

“Radeon graphics processors and their creative capacity for exploring new elements and creative expression are a fantastic tool, rendering our collaboration and work in progress to date on NotGet with Björk that is opening up a whole new dimension in immersive storytelling and how we experience new things,” said directors Nick Thornton Jones and Warren du Preez. “Collaborating with Björk within the dynamic audio visual spectrum of rendering real time motion graphics/animation in 'true' game engine based VR has allowed us to really explore and experiment and define new boundaries within the medium together.”

Using the HTC Vive, visitors engage creatively with Björk’s digital manifestation and performance, moving freely around the scene and painting with neon lights to reinforce the song’s positive outcome. Interaction with her dynamic visual narratives provides a new dimension of experience to Björk’s unique and astounding creativity.

Björk’s ‘NotGet’ Digital Exhibition will be live at the Miraikan in Tokyo, Japan starting June 29. There will also be an opportunity to see Björk at future tour locations in London, Houston and Reykjavik this year.

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