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New AMD Ryzen chipset drivers now available

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Hi, everyone! Starting this week, AMD Ryzen™ customers can download a new version of the AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers (version 17.10).

This release is primarily intended to make good on our promise to include the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan in the chipset driver package. The 17.10 (or later) driver release will automatically install and activate the AMD Ryzen Balanced as a fourth power plan (shown below). This driver package is exclusively designed for systems with Windows 10 x64 and the AMD Ryzen CPU.


What does this power plan do?

The AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan allows your AMD Ryzen processor to more quickly raise clockspeeds. The plan also prevents your CPU cores from being "parked," an idle state that can negatively impact the performance of many (but not all) games. If you're interested in additional details, our original blog on the topic has lots more to offer.

In parallel, you should also pay a visit to LegitReviews' testing on the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan. Nathan Kirsch noted "6-7 percent performance gains when gaming at both 1080P and 1440P screen resolutions" in a couple games, plus lots of test results for you to pore over. Thanks, Nate!

Until next time

As always, we sincerely appreciate the time you took to test the standalone plan and provide feedback on installation and usage. With your help, our final build should gracefully install for any user that previously installed (or attempted to install) the standalone plan.

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